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Hi! Lots of people are writing in. We don't really get it, but here's what everyone is saying. THANKS!!


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That websites a joke right? If not I have to say I'm sort of appalled and EMBARRASSED by what I'm reading here. You make a WEBSITE dedicated to the fact that you happen to have black friends? Let me ask you this, if you think that having black friends is novelty enough that you'd make a corny poorly designed website dedicated to it.... you're singling out black people as somehow being different enough that it's strange for whites to befriend them. That as far as I'm concerned is a form of racism. By the way, the pictures that you've plastered all over your site are ridiculous. Unless this is in fact a joke site, I feel that you've basically eliminated all your credibility.

~ Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet ~
My boyfriend is in a masters program and has a project to design "an artistic web page. We had a long discussion about his idea--my fear was that it might be viewed as racist, because it would be him representing himself as a "gangsta rapper."

Then he showed me this website. I thought it was clever and had an important message. I, too, was suprised by how many people reacted with such shock (those who assumed that it was very serious and ultimately rascist). That's a shame. question--Do you ever respond to these indivduals and explain the significance of the site?

I understand the purpose of not providing the name and stats of the creator--but I definately am interested.

Here's why: I am a high school speech teacher. I love to post any information that might prompt discussion, but I don't feel comfortable doing so without having my reference information accurate and complete. Anything you might be willing to provide would be great. Thanks--
After looking at your website, I at first was appalled by the outlandish rhetoric that was used throughout it. However, the more I looked at the site the more I was conflicted in my views. At first glance this seems like a mockery of the black culture and made by ignorant people, however, it also seems like a mockery of white culture and its ignorance and constant quest to be "hip". So as of now, I am leaning towards the satire aspect of this website and the ignorance that it is exploiting. I commend the creator for making this site, however it would have been nice to know who actually are the creators, because i dont believe it is just sally and johnny, rather a collaboration of them and soem black people. If this was indeed made by these 2 then I really do not know what to think, angry laughter is all i can see then.

Keith RC II
A black student at University of Virgina.

It reminded me of a debate I had at a cocktail party a couple of weeks ago, when a very political friend of my Dad's was trying to hype the inclusiveness of the Republican party, coming to the defense of appointing Condi Rice and Colin Powell by highlighting how 'articulate' they were - he couldn't see how someone might find that seriously denegrating to the average African American, and had no answer as to why there wasn't ONE single member of the GOP, of color in congress...

Anyway, excellent work.
You guys are good. You really have people thinkin'. I believe that people will only get it if they have true white and black friends. There was one statement on your home page that I think you should correct: "since lots of Black people don't like lots of White people" I think you should also add "and since lots of White people don't like lots of Black people." That makes Blacks (your loving friends) feel a little exceptional also. We are human beings, with feelings and we should look past the skin and see people for who they are, not who or what they look like, but how they treat people. And you guys sound like a lot of fun.

I enjoyed this eye opener, so I sent it to a few of my friends. Keep it
going. God Bless!
I swear, if one more white person says that they want to touch my hair, I am gonna puck a f*ckin mousetrap in it so their f*ckin hand gets caught in it. anyways... GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Have any of you ever heard of sarcasm? Irony? Satires? Canterbury Tales? Shakespeare's "As You Like it" and "Much Ado About Nothing?" If some of you would actually get your heads out of your asses for one second and read a f*cking book or get educated, you will see that this website is NOT trying to break down PEOPLE, but
break down BARRIERS and erase STEREOTYPES.

With much love for Sally and Johnny,
A Black University of Michigan Student with nappy-ass hair
You guys split it wide open!!! I laughed so hard I nearly cried! I grew up white, poor, and in an "urban area", but that doesn't mean I can't hear what Peter Tosh is talking about when he said, "I'm sick and tired of the ism schism game!".

I can, indeed, "feel" that -- for real!!

This site is a quality piece of work, I could probably read it 20 more times and laugh. Nothing like some good, quality humor to make people "chill out".

We are ALL people, if some, already didn't know that! I feel sorry for them...

"A white person playing his role in the politics of it all."
Much Respect!!!
I'm surprised the NAACP hasn't caught up with you yet...  
As an employee of a comic book store i just wanted everyone to know that people of color do read more than just comics involving: the Black Panther, Steel, Luke Cage, Static Shock, Spawn, and so on. African Americans love comic books about all manner of individuals be it Batman, Thor, Superman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, etc.

That's not to say that comics featuring africian american folk are of sub-par level to otheres. Rather, there are many white and other non-black people (myself included) who enjoy the gripping tales of heroes of color such as the Black Panther and others.

So, i say to all, go to your local comic book store and love your fellow nerd.
I found you on the web and had such a flash of recognition! With Kwanzaa coming up, I hope you'll share some photos of the festivities that you get to share in. We miss that. It's just that socializing can be a little inconvenient, since my black friends all live in another part of town. It's still like that in most cities, isn't it? When shopping for a new home, the realtor steered us away, ignoring
our remarks about wanting to live near our friends. I just want to add that I appreciated your site's links, and following them brought me to one I'd like to share: http://www.ayaed.com/hype/cover1.html
Thanks again for creating a site that'll bring people together, and keep us thinking and talking!

A page right out of National Lampoon and The Onion!
Keep up the great Work!

Retired, N.Y.P.D
I recognize some of your black friends from my college days (in
fact I even know some of them). What I want to know is how come I never enjoyed the same interracial love that you seem to enjoy. What was I doing wrong?

People who are offended by this site have some unresolved issues of their own to clear up. As for me, I enjoyed it, and think the white world could do with even more education on the subject. I lived in Africa for three years as a minority and came to realise that there are a million ways to make someone feel conspicuous.

You have to laugh or you'll never stop crying.
- Salama
This has to be a joke. You guys are the biggest bunch of fuckin' idiots I've ever seen. White people like you are the worst kind. You know nothing about the history and don't connect with black people on a level of humanity, but rather on the basis of race. Get a book and a clue too. I'm not going to waste anymore energy on you pathetic losers!
-- A black person who doesn't think you dumb asses "are so cool"
A ridiculous critique:

[I imagine this site began from the idea of a mixed-race group of individuals. If it is not, I hope its creators, who pose the pro/antagonists as white people, recognize the implications of doing so, and do not seek to reinforce racial heirarchies of language and debate inherent in our social and academic worlds.]

The basic theme of the complaint is: 'this site would be great if only it wasn't created by white people.' what difference does it make who created it? does the message become any more clear once we have determined the race of the authors? and if it was created by white people, would that really 'reinforce racial heirarchies of language and debate'? Maybe you could tell me what the hell a heirarchy of debate is, because i have no idea. I understand that this reader's nightmare was that a group of white people came up with this idea, and are using black people to populate the farce, but s/he's being so roundabout with the argument that it sounds a little bit racist itself (not to mention pedantic and academically lame). This is a provocative website that warrants a higher level of criticism.
-- fatjoe_ri
I don't get it. You guys can't be white, can you? I don't know if this is some racist shit or what. It'd kinda funny but from who's perspective. I'm not bigging up any racist shit so fuck you guys if your racist, and keep up the good work if your black (it's still confusing).  
Hi! Like a lot of other fucking morons who have written, I just don't understand this site! Is it satirical? Or are you really racists? Or, like, what? It's really just too hard to figure out! I also find Romper Room and Sesame Street hard to understand! Maybe I've sniffed too much glue? Okay! I'll go stick my head up my ass again!  
Brilliant. Depressing. What to do about the problem you have so
brilliantly and savagely exposed is in my view THE challenge for the world for the foreseeable future as well as the past as far as history extends in the general case. Recognizing racism from all quarters, regardless of the ethnic background (such a contemptible idea) of the perpetrator and the target of course to avoid hypocrisy, is a potentially positive step, but quelling it can only be accomplished through ridicule of the perpetrator (or some other method which I've never seen) in my view, which you do brilliantly. Too bad so few people are quick enough on the uptake to spot it, but then this is why the abolition of racism has (and seems likely to continue to) take forever. Best wishes and good luck
to you,
As you may know, the television show "The Simpsons" includes a segment called the "Itchy and Scratchy show" which uses hyper-violent content to parody the cartoon "Tom and Jerry". Though "Itchy and Scratchy" was ostensibly created to criticize portrayals of violence as humorous, the segment quickly became popular in its own right, and its hyper-violent content is now seen by many as funnier than the less violent content of "Tom and Jerry".

As this example shows, anyone who pokes fun at a social ill without examining the consequences of that ill is not an author of satire but of a clever form of imitation at best. Unfortunately, as imitation is "the sincerest form of flattery", these would-be satirists perpetuate the very problem they were attempting to criticize; they invite those who are secretly attracted to the social ill in question to get in on the fun and write off those offended by such a counterproductive pastime as "not getting the joke".
I love the website. It highlights another interesting phenomenon that happens whenever I answer people about my ethnicity. Seems whenever I tell interested folks I'm a Native American, they always state they're part Cherokee. I'm sure the Cherokee nation had a toga fest and shagged all the white folks. Get real America.  
Sally and Johnny:

I can't begin to tell you how much I love your site! It's great on so many levels! It reminds me of the skit that Eddie Murphy did on SNL! I am talking about the one where he dressed up as a "white person". I believe your site is just as funny! I am also reminded of the very serious show that Oprah Winfrey did where she segregated (and discriminated) against blue eye people (brown eye people were pampered). Thank God for people like you who are trying to make a (very needed) point!

Believe me, I get it! We are far from racism being a "thing of the past". I frequently travel to Asia where I invariably face racial discrimination (I'm married to an Asian). This is just a fraction of what Black people face in the U.S. (yes, I'm white). I think the most useful way to abolish racism is to open an honest and sincere dialog between ALL races. And, with a little compassion, we can realize that we are ALL unique individuals, yet the same humanity defines each one of us. It may sound like a contradiction, but it's not. I know that a person is not racist when he can look at all other individuals and see himself.

I try to "keep it real" with my black friends. We talk in an honest and sincere fashion about real issues, mostly misconceptions. There is so much to learn from each other! Real knowledge can lead to true love (who wants to be 'tolerated')! One of my best friends is black. Because of our friendship, she can joke with me about how "I would not be her friend if it wasn't for affirmative action!" I hope that your site incites open and honest communication...

Peace out,
What I will say is that the thing that tickled me most on your site was the letter from David Whiffen. "Americans don't do irony, right?", he says. But your site is satirical not ironic. Mr Whiffen obviously does not "do irony". He probably had the same English teacher as Alanis Morisette (what the hell is ironic about it raining on your wedding day. Unfortunate yes – ironic no). But he writes in because he thinks he does. Now, this is irony. Big time. The irony of this is so thick you'd need an axe to cut it. If there was an instrument for measuring irony this would be off the scale. If they were to teach irony in schools this would be example 1, lesson 1.

He has created his own irony. He has provided your site with the irony that he has labelled it with and the irony of it all is that he does not realise this. It is self-fulfilling irony. Oof, take that.

I'd like to think you included his letter because of this. If you did, thank you, I appreciated it.

My hangover stinks, your web site doesn't.
Dan from London, England

p.s. what do you think Gotti is studying at Cornell University? Probably not philosophy.
Mad props to all my white wanna be actor/writer homies who secretly think this website is much more clever than it actually is.
...isn't it the case that by aknowledging that there is a racial problem makes you racist?
This is one of the most intelligent pieces I have seen in a long time. Although I was laughing hysterically at first, it made me look at my own actions and ideas. I realized that I too have made the comment "He or she is very articulate" referring to a black person, but never to a white person. Although that comment was always well intended, without any hate behind it, I now realize that it is a very narrow minded thing to say as it conveys the assumption that most blacks are not well-spoken, and if you do come across someone who is, it is so rare that it should be commented on. Again, I just want to let you know that this brings to light some very thought-provoking issues in a humorous and right-to-the-point manner, which is extremely refreshing.
i am black and i dont love u, so fuck ya'll  
100% of the people at a small Chocolate City (can a white guy say that) non-profit are currently wetting themselves simultaneously, they are laughing so hard at this site.
- Josh
One thing I like, that none of the other people seem to have noticed, is that it satirizes black stereotypes of whites as much as it does white stereotypes of blacks.

"We grew up in your average neighborhoods doing the usual things that all people do: swimming, golf, horseback riding, arts and crafts, gardening, building treehouses, mowing the lawn, selling lemonade, etc."

I mean, come on. That's brilliant.

Anyway, this 30-something Black Woman in Nova Scotia thought it was very clever and amusing.  
this website in my opinion is in no way racist. i believe it is here to point out certain groups of people's misbeliefs and to take a light-hearted look at how people try too hard to be unracist and unprejudiced or trying to 'relate' and bullshit like that.

its funny because there are not only stereotyped portrayals of black people but Sally and Jonny look like stereotyped western white folks especially Sally with her jumper around the shoulders. that's classic.

i think the site is trying to point towards a happy medium where you aren't prejudiced and don't stereotype people but at the same time don't try too hard just because someone has a different skin colour to you. that's just ridiculous. we're all equal.
Everyone is laughing at the site. I know it is a joke, but there are actually some people out there who don’t believe that it is. Please confirm that it is for me so that I can tell these people! Good job on the pics-hilarious!
~ Marisa
Cultural misconceptions will never change without education. And, from reading the letters sent to you, I see that the education system is still failing....  
It functions as a wake-up call for all of us white people who think, "oh, but I'M not racist," who think we're "down" with the black community, who think the bias has disappeared and can't understand that it's still harder for a non-white race to succeed.

That's what it's for. It's not a self-praising site or a racist site. It's a guide to those who haven't yet really reached out and dissolved the barriers. Read it again, and you'll see the POINT in including the N-word and showing the obvious discomfort of their friends; in showing understanding that the word still creates imbalance and negativity. Read it again, and you'll see the point in showing these "testimonials" from black people, as if white people's ignorant and lighthearted attempts at compliments made things better.

Thanks again and well done. My wife -- who is black -- got a lot of pleasure from it.
WOW your sheer exploitation of African Americans astounds me! Its sheer..........whiteness....thats why I dont like crackers. You think we should put on the makeup and do the little dances for your white enjoyment.
Bamboozled anyone?
To take this as a joke, is not funny. Some people really think that you are for real. I just hope you are not people of color,doing this. Yes we all knows how racisms work is this country and AROUND THE WORLD To make fun of it,,just lets people off the hook. The way the world is today, you would think you could be a little bit more sensitive. Some group of people are tried of being the butt of jokes. Yes some white people have been given the power to say and do what they want, to anybody. I love to laugh at jokes but not if it's about making someone else feel bad or less like.  
If this is to educate, than lets do it with all groups and lets hear how stereotypes is done with other people. This world is not just made up of black and white people.
Thank you, Beatrice
Your "black people love us" site is crazy! It actually made me see present day racism. I think the biggest respect I pay to black people is in the term "imitation is the highest form of flattery". I'm a ridiculous little white girl but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna speak slang and dance and make people laugh at me. I'd rather be laughed at trying to have fun and fit in than just be white. I hope that makes sense.
love, peanut

i dont like the fact that you make fun of a serous topic in todays society i can understand what your trying to do and it is very funny but i think its not exactly right coinsidering african americans has been picked at and abused enough i think all we need now is understanding.
-- nicole

Thanks for such a cleavers site on such a serious subject.  

A friend of mine just forwarded me the link to your site, all I can say is wow! It was like being in a car crash, and then seeing that everyone in the car was unhurt. First, I looked on in horror as the page started to load, then I was over come with relief when I realized that you knew what you were doing. Thanks for the page, not only is it hysterical; it's going to give me an easy way to get back at the people who turn my stomach when they say "I've got lots of black friends".

You get my vote for one of the 10 best uses of the Internet.

I am sorry if this is a duplicat mail. I received notice that your mailbox was full so I decided to resend this:

Overall, I like your site. One thing though. Your links page does not have any links to conservative sites. One organization is particular comes to mind: C.O.R.E. That's the Congress of Racial Equality and Roy Innis is probably the most prominent member.

So, unless you think that black people should continue to have a monolithic political viewpoint, I hope that you will consider adding a link to C.O.R.E. or some other black conservative organization.

Don't give me any crap about this being a satirical site. I get it. It's funny right up until the point where you start being serious with the links to sites that may be of interest to black people. At that point it become a serious political statement. I didn't look at all your links, but I can tell you that nearly everyone of your links is a left-wing organization that needs to have the black man see himself as a victim so that the organization can maintain it's power. The black man as victim is a powerful, poisonous, crippling, and horrible thing, but it's also just this kind of hopelessness that people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton prey upon.

Black people are not helpless and I want them succeed. To achieve that success I feel that it is critical for black people to turn away from victimhood that is so prominent on the left. Democrats love victims and want to make everyone a victim, except white people. Be open-minded and include some links to black conservative organizations. At least link to Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or some other prominent black conservative intellectual. There is a black conservative viewpoint, but your links page totally ignores it. Shame on you.

Thank you for your attention.

Sean R
We've been laughing for days. From all of us who make up the INTENSELY diverse architecture graduate student body of Yale University, we thank you. Finally, people who are like us!  
subversive. Simpsons-esque. there's actually a story in langston hughes' "the ways of white folks" that follows the same theme.  
Honestly we really do love you guys. Great satire!.
Here's some satircal material in relation to those that grew up in African countries:
[The offenders are whites (as usual) and African Americans as well!]

"Is English you first language?"…is stupidity your first personality?

"Do you speak Swahili?" like Swahili is some national language.

And talking about national language, what's with a stupid statement like:

"so you are from Africa?". Like Africa is a country!.

Variants to the above include "Are you travelling to Africa?", "I'll love to travel to Africa".--Well give me a call when you get to the airport and I'll come get you. It's called the African International airport!!

P.S. if you could add the above website to "sites you friends like to visit"
that'll be great.
I would just like to let you both know, what a great job you are doing( I'm actually being sarcastic) of promoting discrimination, prejudice, and even racism. This is worst displays of racism I have ever seen in my life. It's not out right racism, or is it subtly, but it is down right sly.You guys have actually come up with a smart way of promoting discrimination.

You know, sometimes trying to outsmart others, we end up looking like fools. As everything else in this world, must one day come to end, the days of this website are also numbered. Looking forward, to the end!

From: You think black people love you.
I must say, I never appreciated the depth to your site until my second visit. At face value I thought it was a page written by a white couple who had a high percentage of black friends who found this fact worth parading. I didn't really take too much time to read the comments though; I just chucked at the humorously exaggerated pictures.

However when I visited a second time, I read the comments from your "black friends" and realized the point that you are trying to make ever so subtly: Many white people make the assumption that they are not racist simply because they have black friends. They believe they are open minded and get up on their high horse to defend their black friends from the evil racists while acting with prejudice among their own friends.

This unfortunately hit home for me. As a white person, I pride myself on being open minded and non judgmental, however as much as I consciously suppress racism, it manifests itself in my behavior around my African American friends. I find myself using altered speech, mimicking the way they talk despite it being quite out of character for me. I guess that subconsciously this is my way of trying to relate, but I realize now that it will only make my friends feel more different and that I should simply be myself around them.

For those of you that come to this site and are offended, you are missing the point. For those of you that come to the site and think it is humorous obviously are missing the point as well.

Read the quotes on the front page: "You're so cool, you're different, you're not like other Black people!" Every one of the quotes is a textbook example of things that white people say to their black friends to make it apparent that they are not racist, like they deserve some prize for that. The message that this website is trying to convey is that these comments do not help, and this type of thinking only promotes prejudice. This is satire...read: sarcasm.

I appreciate the insight into myself and hopefully I will come away a better person. I hope that others will take the opportunity to realize this often ignored problem.

-Anonymous in Atlanta
Sally and Johnny,
You have me stumped. You make me laugh...yet you make me upset. I guess you're trying to promote awareness of common stereotypes of blacks and whites. But you're going about it all wrong. When other viewers can't tell if you're members of the KKK or black panthers then something is definitely wrong. When other viewers are prompted to tell whether they are black or white then something is wrong. Some say that you're creating a bridge between the "racial gap", but for every step you take forward, you're taking one back...refering to the comment of white people smelling like "wet dogs" when it rains. You might want to read your sight yourself, before spitting out the joke you've heard on Comic View. Feel free to write back.
Signed PolkaDot Patty
You all are grown and should be ashamed of yourself. Racism is only too real to African-Americans without some idiots like yourselves making a mockery of it (or any personal experiences we may have had). Grow up, get a job and educate yourselves.
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