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Hi! Lots of people are writing in. We don't really get it, but here's what everyone is saying. THANKS!!


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I think your site is fantastic. I'm Black and I love you already. I haven't the slightest idea whether you guys (the site creators) are Black or White. I suppose it doesn't matter because you've made it clear that you understand the plight. it feels great knowing that someone understands. I know naive White people who make the mistake that your characters, Sally and Johnny make.

This humor is meant to vindicate us, not denigrate us.

Hello, I live in an intergrated city of many types of cultures. In my city the sounds of ignorance have become more outdated every year, as the each generation seems more enlightened that human beings come in a variety of sizes, personalities & cultures. Ignorance still has it's stronghold in lesser educated areas and in areas of the US where their various parts of society re-enforced by outdated limited reasoning skills and logic. Keep Smashing down the walls of tunnel vision & people of limited scope. Let the light in those dusty minds that have been socialized into this limited thought process. Obvious slights in e-mails that have been posted, intentional or not, towards your website has re-enforced your message and/or in opposing it because the pain of ignorance is stronger in there area of habitat provoke emotions that are defined as anger & disgust. Let us all try to open our eyes so that we might see.. the world is bigger then your backyard and contains more then one culture. It's painful to see that so much love goes unwarrented.
Peace in Peace
Out kat
I think its a funny site. Not too down with the N@#!@ please bit, but its your site.. Third Sight baby.
Hi! It saddens me to see so many people identifying themselves as blacks and then bashing the site as if they understand it. Three words. GO TO COLLEGE. For those of you who have questions, cheers! That's what this site is for: conversation, enlightenment. Am I right? Please know that when we no longer have dialogue, our battles are lost. I praise you guys for having the guts to challenge us to think.

"Keep the company of those who seek the truth and flee from those who think they know it" Peace....Joy in Cali... By the way, I'm black too :o)
im really glad ya'll did this. this is for all the the one black kid at the rock show type black kid at the libral arts school in westchester cats. i have footlong dreds and stay getting drunk white chichenheads and euro trash running there unwanted finger threw my shits. ive gone to white schools for mad long and your site sums my life up. keep up the goodness peace  
Someone sent me the site in an IM. I saw the name of the webpage and rolled my eyes. I clicked and went. I checked it out. It really is clever and does expose a lot of different issues in a very small space. Real and true issues. I'm not going to reveal my race. The internet is a great place for this kind of stuff.

However, I went to the letters section and I couldn't believe that some people honestly didn't recognize this site for what it was. Perhaps I don't, but it's plainly obvious to me what it is. NOOOOO this site really isn't about 2 dumbass white folk who think they're cool w/blacks.
Prima facie your site came across as one of comedy. As many responses indicate the initial response is one of humor or shock etc. However on second look I realized what an insightful, ingenious work this really is. The message you are trying to get across is not anything radical –the issue is in fact well known. The genius lies in the presentation. While browsing your site and LMAO I suddenly realized…. I- a non-racist- was also guilty of some of this bigoted thinking. The change, the destruction of preconceived notions and biased ideals, must start from within. Apparently, American satire is not dead after all.
Pete (s.w.m.) Crooklyn New York (we’re reppin now! : ))
Absolute hilarity. If we can't laugh, how can we move forward.
Clever parodoxical statements regarding race relations on multiple levels.
Laughter is change.
This shit is funny.
Your site is probably (and somewhat sadly) the cleverest I have ever seen!
My first thought was 'what total and utter crap!', but I do get the point and it is quite funny. I have friends like you and I stay away from them as much as I can....
Hopefully more people will begin to understand that you trying to get people to explore a very delicate situation and hopefully address it their own lives.
I love it, real funny. Everyone is assuming white folks made this site. I would bet $100 that it was built by black folks, who are probably among the black friends pictured. Whoever did it, thank you, you brightened my day.
- A Young Black Teenager
Couldn’t resist…
1 : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
2 : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly
synonym see WIT
My initial response to this site was to laugh. It simply is funny. And if it is intended to be satire, then it is well done. I must admit however that I can't rule out the possibility that this site was intended to offend or make fun of African Americans.

What I appreciate about the site, intentions aside, is that it allows a mirror to be aimed at both white and black people. Black people, who have been almost infinitely tolerant (for too long) of quite a bit of ignorance, still need to remain patient with people who make insensitive comments. Some people are blatantly racist, but I would imagine that for the majority of white people, a more appropriate response to their ignorance and insensitivity is an explanation why a particular comment is trying or offensive. Mere anger and frustration without honest and open conversation will continually perpetuate these offenses.

For white people, it is important to put the shoe on the other foot. Refusing to see the viewpoint of many African Americans when they claim something offends them, will leave the conflict unresolved. A white person cannot learn from the mistakes he makes if continuing to insist that because he doesn't find what he has said offensive, that no one therefore should. The trick to being a true friend to African Americans is not just having many African American friends but to truly step outside of oneself and to question everything one has been taught and exposed to.

So, even if this site is intended to make fun of black people, it still serves another purpose; the confusion over the purpose of this site should lead to introspection on all parts. White people in particular here have exposure to many of the issues and actions that black people find frustrating.

I cannot offer praise but I can thank you for bringing this issue to public light, intentions aside.
I’ve cringed a lot of times listening to my (white) friends and relatives tell me (also white) how they’re such great pals with this or that black co-worker. They do really call them “my chocolate girl” , “da man”, etc. Sometimes I’ll say they don’t really have the right to tease based on race no matter what their intentions, it’s too sensitive. “Oh no, she loves it! She understands.”

I think we are all racists, including you. It goes with the part about being human. But at least we should keep our stupidity to ourselves and not go insulting anyone else, or teaching our kids it’s okay. I love your site and hope it wakes up a lot of us Stupid White Folks who Just Don’t Get It.
I figured it out. This site is meant to point out the stupid differences between white people and black people. Blacks think that people who try to talk like they do are racist because they think blacks are that much different (untrue, they actually just want to feel accepted by them). Many whites think that all black people are racist, and this shows that that is untrue as well.

I'm thinking that this website was made by both black and white people who agreed on doing something to send a message to the rest of us blokes. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with the way you act, and shouldn't dictate how you respond to someone--whether you're an African American or a white person.
Y'all just ain't right! May all the Gods and Goddesses and all the Freaks who have passed our way since the dawn of time bless the Clown in you!!!!
Yours in light, laughter, and lust
Sister Constance Craving of the Holey Desire
If everyone that "got" your site were to get together in a room, and everyone who didn't "get" your site were to get together in a different room, you would have two fast rooms full of friends.

If both rooms sent out a representative to work out their differences,
You would see a giant multicultural community of understanding.

Well, that or a multicultural racewar with black and white people who get along and have a sense of humor on one side against black and white people who get along but don't have a sense of humor on the other.

Keep up the great work!
Vyeto from Detroit
Hello. This letter is coming from two Black women who work in the political realm. We wanted to tell you that the website is--for lack of a better phrase--funny as hell. Although, we concur that it is not only funny, but very thought-provoking. Your tongue-in-cheek references made total sense, and we have heard several, if not all, of them, on many occasions--if not said to us, they were said to someone close to us. However, we need desparately to find out something from you guys. Seriously, who is/are the originator(s) of this website??? We find it fascinating that people naturally assume that "Sally and Johnny" are the authors of this website, but somehow we surmise otherwise. We think that it may be a combination of minds that went into this project--if you will--but we would admire it from either perspective(as far as race goes). So can you please relinquish this information to us to ease our minds? Once agai! n, thank you for the entertaining website!  
This site is S-to-the-Wizz-ELL!  
The best part of this was when I got to the emails and feared a rash of "why are you hate mongrels blah blah blah..." letters. Instead I found that there really are a few humans left on Earth with a REAL sense of humor!!!!

Thanks for making me laugh -- if I were bisexual I'd marry both of you!!! But I'm not. If that's what you heard I mean. Because I'm not. That was a one time thing. In college -- I never saw him again.
Not sure if I should be offended or just laugh at ther sheer foolishness on ur site. It does bring to light many of the stupid comments that black people have heard from whites ie; some of my best friends are black...(who really cares)  
What is even funnier than this site is the fact that some of the people reading it don't get it. LOL. IT IS A JOKE PEOPLE!! You know like a Saturday Night Live skit! The stereotype is of the White People not the black. You black people that are getting offended are deep I tell ya. HA HA Lighten up I tell ya, if you can't laugh at your self, hell ya gotta laugh at them. LOL  
wow, how saddened are y'all at the idiotic responses you get? I am frightened for people who don't get the irony/sarcasm that the site is drenched in. Great job, tres funny. And if ya'll are 'fags' let me know when your in Boston, I'll give you a big gay tour ;-)  
What the hell are you two smoking? Whatever it is let me get some. To be able to actually have the time and energy to develop a web site this stupid, must have taken a great deal of drug help. It is funny to talk about these types of situations in casual conversation, but to spend the time to do all of this crap on your web site............wow! You two get the award for 'Herbs of the Century' from me.
Your site is maaaad funny!!! I just loved it! An enlighted and aware friend of mine who happens to be white passed your link on to me....all be passing it on to as many people I know who will get IT! Keep up the great work ... your pretty cool for white folks.  
you've made my sinus infection bearable.
thank you.
Your website wasn't funny or amazing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not say'n dat it was cruel or disgusting either. It is what it is, just a relational depiction of whites with black friends and how they make each othah feel. Well, das not quite true...it means something more than that, but who knows what it means. Beauty is in dah eye of dah beholder, right? Now, what was really funny was all of the letters that you guys received. It seems as though, people made reflections of their own situations and emotions to base judge the website(as I realise I'm probably do'n now, and just can't seem to write unbiasly).  
wake up white people! white people can't stand you  
Just read the letters page...Black or White or what ever you are...some people just like to analysis things too much...get a life!!...People like Sally and Johnny (both white and black) potentially do actually exist...their only purpose in life is to appear politically correct...to appear well balanced...fitting in with the current vogue...next month it will be having some Romanian refugee friends as well!! Look....if you are white and have black friends...fine, and visa versa...but if you are Pro white or Pro black....keep your crap too yourselves and let the vast majority of us from the 'human race', not LIVE TOGETHER but EXIST TOGETHER in a far from perfect world.
Big Love
This website is absolutely horrible. You make it completely obvious that you refuse to socialize with anyone of Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Australian Aboriginal descent. Did you ever consider opening your minds and realizing that there are other minorities out there in need of white friends as well? I'm sure there are Hispanics right in your neighborhood who would love it if you engaged them in conversation about their Spanish/Mexican/Brazillian/etc culture, and Native Americans who are just waiting for you to reach out to them and apologize for all the white race has done to their people since coming to this continent. Please, don't let yourself be so closed-minded.
How in the world you could POSSIBLY think this is funny is beyond me. This is truly poor taste.  
i mean we can all relate to the stereotypical comments made by the "friends". this is to open our eyes to how ignorant racism really is. my only problem with this web site is the person who sent in a message asking "are you people retarded?" i found that adjective far more insensitive than the website. how does that comment promote social justice?  
I just like to say that this site is very well done. At first when my friend sent it to me and I saw the content, I got really offended. My first actual thought was, oh great more white people trying to "be down" with whatever is black. Like black is the latest fad or something. Well the more I read the more I began to understand where you guys were coming from. I applaud the fact that you are bringing to light the way some white people....as well as black people treat one another. Allot of us may not want to admit it but somewhere deep inside of us there is a little racist demon bidding its time. Being a black male I often get confronted by my so called white friends who ask me all types of stupid questions. I also see young white teenagers running around calling each other nigga and wearing their clothing a certain way...all because they think it cool to be black, and yes I also see those black people who try to be white...whatever that is.! I can especially relate to the first young lady with the dreadlocks...since I have them. Whomever you are I applaud and congratulate you if this site was intended to make people aware of their ways. If you are just trying to make black or white people look bad for no reason....then I pity you. Either way this site will make people think about the things they and their friends do. All I can say to the people who get offended by this...try holding a mirror up to yourself...you may be surprised at what you see staring back at you..
Charles H
(Not To Be Confused With The Other Charles Who Wrote In...)
I’m just writing to say that your site is satire at it’s best, both thought provoking and hilarious. I just hope that you have fully accepted the responsibility that comes with the site. It has confused a whole lot of people, judging by the letters that you have posted. There are those who assume that they know your motivation and are completely wrong, and those who don’t hide the fact that they have no idea what your point is. Both of these groups need the truth behind your site to be illuminated for them. We can’t be mad at them for being ignorant. But educating them is the right thing to do to take the message of your site to the next level. You obviously intend to educate. The purpose of this letter is to beg you PLEASE write these people back and do your best to let them know the truth.
Denise in CA
The persons who respond with curses and damn your [often “fag-ish”*] “racism” are the ones who should be implicated for perpetuating racism [and a whole lotta other ‘isms, apparently]. Denying anyone a forum to reflect life – for all it’s facets, faults and flaws – in a sincere and concerned, and, yes, even humourous way, is like ignoring the elephant (political party metaphors unintended) in the middle of the room and not only not talking about it, but letting it stink up the place and trample everyone in its path. I find it amusing to read who people assume narrated the site. That is, in itself, an interesting reflection of the way people think (particularly, for one person, about Canadians…).

By the way, about the testimonials… I hope people reading them don’t start to think that EVERY comment to/from a person of another background or aesthetic needs to be overly scrutinized… sometimes it’s just nice to get/give a complement without looking for a reason to be pissed & offended. There are always going to be styles someone can’t get (e.g. with hair, yours will be too straight, too kinky, too long, too curly to do *something*) or doesn’t want to get for themselves but still likes, and that that person is going to admire or envy, and it’s not a race thing, it’s just the way it is. If we’re going to go from straight-up hostility to straight-up apathy or coldness, then there’s still a problem. If I like your hair, your clothes, your hat or the way you speak… I’m going to tell you, and it has nothing to do with you being black or brown or white or so pale you’re almost blue. It has to do with preference and taste… and intention. Most of us spend many years and time deciding how we want to dress and look and speak, as we are often the authors and artists of ourselves, and having someone acknowledge that is not necessary, but can be very sweet indeed.

That harangue out of the way… Thanks for not only making me laugh but also for sending off a few more rounds of synapses this morning!

Best of luck, your new friend ~
*oh, the dangerous sort of irony!
I stumbled on your site by accident and got very uncomfortable when done. Then I went to read the letters and it clarified my discomfort. First I believe some white people to actually be stupid enough to make this site seriously. I recognize it is kind of racist to think that, but reality rule, and I said some not all. Second some Black people are actually stupid enough to find self-esteem in this type of relation, again reality rule. What it means is that your site is effective only with people who do not need its apparent message. The very people you are describing will come out justified and pleased by what they saw. The ones who are hurting because of race relation will be infuriated, The do gooders will feel compelled to denounce it because they are told that's the right thing to do and the one who understand it will have a good laugh and/or feel a little uneasy. I guess I am left with a question if form of a statement. If your goal is to get people to react then bravo, it is working. I for one could not stay neutral. If your goal is to make a statement on race relations, then I am afraid you've missed the mark and that's why I am uncomfortable. If your goal is none of the above, please pretty please explain. I will assume that you designed the site with the intention to get people to react. Yes I like to think that one day, one love will be true, pure bliss of emotionally and intellectually balanced people. I'll still hate stupid people and sometimes even be stupid myself. I'm out.
Comedian's have always brought us humor about things that are often time so painful that the only way to ease the pain is to laugh about it until we "understand" how to correct the problem and part of that understanding comes when we began to recognize that there exist a problem and if humor is a way of getting that message across then set the stage on the highest mountain and the lowest valley and let it be heard like a shot around the world! (It's part of the American way right?)
Anthony, Brooklyn NY
Someone once said that the point of Humor is to get 'em laughing and then slip the truth in.  
1). Sally is HOT
2). Johnny - Lose the beard
You guys RULE !

I live in Atlanta and am always on the lookout for things like this that are flammable. I have passed your link around and hope to get some interesting dialogue underway.

Keep it up, this is what the internet is all about ( IMHO ) .
i should've never seen this site. now i'm laughing like a fool. you two white people are SICK!!!!! this site is so funny. i never imagined white people could have enough of a sense of humor about race to have a site like this.well, i'm black and i REALLY like you too.because you're both insane!
www.projectgirl.com (wish my site were as funny as yours but i'm trying to be the serious lawyer/author)
Paris, France (a French hop hop whiteboy turned me on to your site this morning)
lovely site. very informative. for example, i had no idea that i might smell after being rained upon! but really, to anyone believing this site is encourages racism, i believe the links page might be a good start to opening your eyes. those links would provide the least subtle of clues. a slightly more subtle clue as to the satirical nature of this website can be found in the "about us" page. this page may be short on content, but it provides a heavy dose of irony (golf? horseback riding? gardening? no hyperbole of white stereotype there). to miss the tongue-in-cheek racism there and not recognize the stereotype is in itself racist. if you think this site is (or i am) racist, then you would probably think bullworth (the movie) contains the same xenophobic message, rather than recognize it as one of the finest pieces of political satire addressing the issues facing urban and inner city america, and to a lesser degree, canada.  
what the hell is this shit???? who created it????
is this supposed to be, an obviously stupid, joke? do you guys have no life? why would you spend such time putting togather a prejudice piece of shit website?, other than that you are completely lame people.

your website makes me feel like it is 1940 and we haven't learned about shit about the world. i cannot even waste my time trying to use capitals and write properly. really, what the fuck is this??
I guess satire isn't for everyone. But it is rather sad that a large portion of the people out there are unable to recognize one of the most useful and entertaining tools of social criticism we have available to us. These are the same people that watch The Simpsons because they think Homer is funny, and want to be like him. It makes me want to beat my head against the wall in frustration. And it seemed like such a straight satire, too. Not exactly subtle, but smooth.

And isn't it interesting how many people don't know how to relate to your site unless they can identify the racial background of its creators? Does the message become invalid without knowing who voiced it? Doesn't needing to know make you just as guilty of assumption as the people you criticize? "If you are black it means this..." "If you are white it means this..." If we don't know, is the message rendered meaningless?

Well done. Another lesson in climbing down from my over-educated pedestal.

To whom it may concern:
I'm white, and I have to say I loved reading your site. Why it matters that I am white, I do not know, maybe I'm just saying that to show that not all white people are as ignorant as the ones your satire pokes fun of (and I'm assuming the actors in the photos feel with me on that one). I'm sure many white people are sick of being categorized in the same group as lousy subconciously-racist (and invariably lame) white people, as is the case with all different races. Too often we're all thrown into some group with a lot of individuals that are simply a disgrace (like the white characters in the skits.... but I'll let that slide ;) ). Regardless, I like your satire and I'm forwarding the url to my friends. Keep it up (literally).

P.S. The only way you know that you're making progress is if the wrong people are outraged at what you are saying. Then you know that you are on the right track. Look at your negative emails and tell me I'm wrong. :)
Dear Sally and Johnny,
I think your site is GREAT!!! It's fantastic that you can integrate so
well into a community that is so different from your own.

Perhaps you know my friends Adela and Simon, who are also black?

Kind regards,

The one line I missed is the..."Hey, look I've been to the tannin' salon, I'm almost as dark as U now!" *proceeds to place arm next to mine*  
One thing that bothers me is many of your comments are from black people that are upset. They seem to think this site is done by some "Cracker" that is making fun of black people. This site is obviously done by a person of color making fun of white people. The evidence is in the links you offer.

If white people would realize this you might have a few more negative comments from whites, not blacks.
It's so sad that in this day and age, we still haven't even advanced enough in this small world to address each other as members of the human race. The whole "blacks" and "whites" thing is really old. You two need to grow up & consider that one day my son may look at this website and wonder about his skin color and whether his history is something to be proud of or not. You could be doing far more useful things with yourt ime. It's just sad.
An INTELLIGENT black woman, Florida
Upon opening this site, I was open to learn what the point of this very obvious sardonic view of friendship was. I found it right in the middle of your tool bar. STUFF OUR FRIENDS CARE ABOUT is more than worth the laugh and insight of the site. As often the case, the value of the parody sits in front of the open eye. Keep stimulating minds, you have been blessed with a gift to do so.  
ok people...anyone who says that these people are trying to raise awareness of the racial problems around us is a dumbass...

Sally's always saying: "You go girl!" while "raising the roof" to mainstream hip-hop tracks at cheesy bars. That's fun! I relate to that.
she can relate to that? how typical for white people to write something like that. i know tons of black people who don't talk like that and CAN'T relate to that, even if they do listen to hip-hop.

Johnny calls me "da man!" That puts me at ease. It makes me feel comfortable, because I am Black and that's how Black folks talk to one another.
that's how black folk talk to eachother? no, that's how people who can't speak english talk to eachother...which include white people...and i've heard white people talk like that.

Sally always says things that make me feel special, like: "You're so cool, you're different, you're not like other Black people!"
hidden message: Sally thinks your different from the ever so typical "ghetto thug/bitch" that she thinks comprises the entire race of black people. since when did we start categorizing blacks?

Sally loves to touch my hair! She always asks me how I got my hair to do this. That makes me feel special. Like I have magical powers!
what does this have to do with being black? infact, i've seen more white people with dreadlocks than black people...but of course it MUST be black thing because everyone knows Bob Marley had dreadlocks, and guess what, he was black too!

i'll be honest, i thought this site was funny, but let's leave it at that, these people had no intentions as to raise awareness of racism. they're just doing this because they can, and most likely because a black person helped them. just go through the site and laugh and stop reading into it
The reason this is so funny is because there is this guy who works with me who claims he is not racist, but I'll be damned if you guys do not describe him to a tee!!!
Stacy in Indy.
Sally and Johnny--
As someone who has written about the predicament of race relations, I'm intrigued by your site. Seems to me that the disease of political correctness necessarily invokes a website like yours. It is a pretty sad sick joke, but there you have contemporary culture and politics.
Dear Sally and Johnny,
My friend Larry just sent me your website. I think it is the most entertaining website on the internet. You have capture the essence of what the internet is all about. Entertainment and education. It's all there. It's up to the user to determine what he/she want to get from it. Me? Well, as a white guy who has derived pleasure his entire life from all types of cultures and ethnicities, I was most happy to learn that Sally scrubs herself with a washcloth in the shower!! Thank God for that.
Your friend,
Only thing i would change are the wacky colours on the site, wassup wit that?  
I'm not sure why this is supposed to be funny. To tell you the truth it's just kind of creepy & sad...  
Your site should be banned for being too funny. As a brother living in the UK I've seen for real a lot of the stuff your site jokes about. Have to say it has the makings of a good sit-com. Call HBO now. The saddest thing out there are the people who don't understand that its a satire !! Wake Up !! The hangman game is a classic.. The only disappointment is not seeing the people say "Wassup my niggaz"- hmmm painful I know !
You guys are either some really in-tune white folk, or you guys have a lot of friends of color. Your site made me laugh and think about those times I've felt this way--especially when I've dated interracially.
(One guy actually asked me if my family knew what asparagus was...

And as for an earlier note wondering if this site tries to 'speak for' people of color--I don't think so. I, for one, am tired of being the brown girl acting like the race/racism monitor. (It's really
exhausting, you know?) It's about time other people started keeping vigil.

Anyway, this was clever and sly. I'll be checking in to see what else you guys add (if you do).
To comment on a previous letter on the site, I've never personally heard the word "articulate" used in a racist manner that I can recall. I use that word all the time to describe people of -any- color. To me it's just a statement of how good of a speaker someone is. However, I can see how in certain contexts it could be a subtle racist comment, and thanks to this site I may keep a closer eye on that in the future. My point is though, you can't make a blanket statement that it-must-be a racist comment simply because it's rarely used. I find it highly annoying when people create offense where none was intended. That word is more frequently used than you realize, and Colin Powell is indeed a very articulate man. Truly admirable, no matter what color your skin is.  
The subtle message that your site REALLY conveys,is that the rank and file White is somehow so rigid,so un-hip ( compared to black people ) and really missing out on what blacks have to offer. This sort of moved-to-New York-from Dayton-Ohio-and now I'm ready for Saturday Night Live (another fawning Jewish program..) is better suited for the 1970's. Good luck with your site. Many of us,black and white,see through the thinly veiled reverse racism and shake our heads and wonder why.........  
funny stuff you got there...don't have all that social/psychological terminology to give kudos like a prof but i clicked on a black educational website link for the first time ever so i think you've done a good job in making me a bit better of a person...thanks, dino  
The diversity of opinions shown in your email responses serve to demonstrate many of our problems, and makes it quite obvious that no race has a corner on stupidity, prejudice, hate, ignorance, poor taste, and the desire to perpetuate the problems between races; or love, intelligence, good will, consideration, humanity, and the desire to improve the diverse world we live in.  
The LETTERS page is the best. It proves one thing for certain: Ignorance knows no color.  
Don't know how I got this, well acually how my friend got this, but I must say as an African American this is one of the best web sites I've ever been on. I laughed, I cryed, I called my white friends and told them I loved'em. This is great. Talk about breaking down sterotypes while poking fun at social stigma.
Keep it rizzzzeallll,
Alisha (Mn)
The absurdity of your site is refreshingly thought provoking. Bringing an observation to light without cramming an opinion down your throat - that's the "thinking outside of the box" that insures me that we haven't all lost our minds.

Thanks for reminding us of our humanity -- and lack of it.
- Brian
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