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Hi! Lots of people are writing in. We don't really get it, but here's what everyone is saying. THANKS!!


1, 2, 3, 4
Being a white male, it was educational for me because I am guilty of saying "I am not racist.. One of my best friends is black." And I can't even begin to count how many times the white employees of my company attempt to 'relate' to their black co-workers by Raising the Roof, saying "You go girl," or some other stereotypical gesture or slogan associated with black people. Though not racist in intent, it is offensive and subtly magnifies the perceived differences between races. There is a difference between celebrating our differences and mocking them. Thanks for the education.
Kind regards,
P.S. Props to the Chinese guy who wrote about Powell being articulate and throwing up signs. Damn funny.
P.S.S. I never knew I smelled like a wet dog in the rain.
I really don't see why everyone is getting so worked up about the content of this site. This could easily be a satirical spoof on Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, In Living Color, et.al., and it wouldn't be a big deal. Just looks like just some crazy young comedians showing their stuff.

About the wet dog reference, I'm a minority and have never thought white people smelled that way? Was this serious or am I missing something or do only black people think white people smell this way? No offense, just wondering.
The Speculator
thanks so much - laughed hard.
how many dreadfully embarrassing moments does this conjure...like all the conversations that have been peppered with "accidental" references which usually center around some pointless nonevent that is strategically designed to reveal the blackness of the subject (their "good friend" of course)... it's pretty interesting, (and somewhat tragic), how the collective sum of these inane and completely unsubtle insinuations cumulate to form the new, sleeker insidious model of racism, cleverly packaged in exoticized condescension and disingenuous flattery, of the sort your website so hilariously notes in a white person's exclamatory compliments that usually point out how "articulate" a black person may be...pretty sick stuff. it made me sad to see that the obvious irony escaped a good half of your visitors, perhaps it would go against the pokerfaced approach of the site - but maybe it would be helpful to steer these lost ones toward a more sophisticated understanding, if! not only for the kharmic value of such guidance. just a suggestion, but what do i know. i like the lightness with which you tackle suck an archaic and humiliating phenomenon!
thanks again! no doubt y'all are da shit, guaranteed...
holla back
liz, chicago
I’m perplexed by the fact that you only seem to get two kinds of comments – laudatory comments from people who understand the “satirical” nature of this site and think it’s hilarious, and clueless comments from idiots who just aren’t with it. I’d like to represent the obvious yet neglected third possibility. I get it just fine – it’s satire, right, yeah, stupid white people who think they “get” black culture. Just one thing, though… It isn’t particularly funny. Maybe that’s because it isn’t really smart or original – there is not a single “cultural cliché” represented on this site that I haven’t seen done – and in general done to death – on prime time sitcoms. Which makes the site’s smug, self-satisfied undertone kind of irritating.  
To Whom It May Concern:
Your site is not funny at all. Kind of stupid in an obvious/boring sort of way. If you're going to be satirical or ironic or left of center with your web humor, try approaching your website idea more dangerously. This particular incarnation is dull and predicable. Make light of Western socio-cultural ailments using Archie Bunker-esque humor -- that works much better than your efforts do...
I viewed your site today. Someone sent it to an e-group I belong to, comprised of "conscious", proud African-Americans. It is my sincere hope that you somehow find this to be your sick sense of humor. I hope that your aren't truly serious...because then I would have wonder if you are ignorant, as well as insensitive.

I really don't care that you found a group of disillusioned black people, obviously dealing with internalized racism, to consent to this crap. You are the very reason that we have so far to go, this is the new-age racism. Your comments, and your "friends" comments, sound like something straight from the old black-face comedies. This ridiculous display of self-righteousness is exactly the kind of white privilege that keeps mistrustful of "your type". You should be disgusted with your self. You are an embarrassment to the human race. I will try not hold your behavior against all White people.

Get some counseling! However I am a lover of free speech and realize that, unfortunately, stupidity is free too.
Hetep Pu,
Dr. Imani

Are you (the person or people) any of the people shown in the pictures or did you just find the whitest looking people you could find in some sort of casting call?  
I wished I'd thought of this first. In a society that's supossed to be so advanced and racially integrated (just look at all our racially diverse presidents!) it's funny how people still surround themselves and their way of thinking around stereotypes and segregation. specifically, I'm talking about those damn "Mohogany" cards from Hallmark. I worked at H-mark for four years looking at those cards thinking "ok, so let's give black people there own section of cards. While we're at it, let's give them there own restrooms and water fountains and schools." Is it THAT hard to make black people on cards WITHOUT putting them in a specific section? Oh, but wait, it might offend some white buyer. Because you know, the color of your skin is just so important. Ugh. It makes me sick. More people need to see this site.
After looking at your website and reading the testimonials of other readers, I have come to the conclusion that the site is in fact racist, but against white people, not black. You portray a steryotype of whites as seen through the eyes of black people, but we are not like that. So to you, I must say, "fuck the bullshit" and eat my ass.
How could anyone not see the obvious lampoon put into a hilarious light on your site? They said the same things about Archie Bunker, and he was doing just the same thing: making fun of stupid people. This is great. Next time I meet someone who says that since there's a black guitarist in my band we MUST be influenced by Jimi Hendrix, I'm going to send him here.
Okay, some of you really need to unclinch a bit. I was reading this site, and laughing so hard I drew some odd looks from my boss, and then I got to the "Letters" page. There I saw that some of you over-serious people out there really took this to be anything other than satire, and actually said that you were offended. Are you some of the same people who get your panties in a bunch if someone doesn't call you "African American"? Get over yourselves, and learn to see the humor in things. I am a nappy-headed, almost 30 year old, intelligent Black woman, and my friends and I found this hilarious!!! And some of the links were actually very helpful.  
I just read through all your mail after looking through your web site. I can't believe how many people don't get it, even after looking through the whole site, and apparently devoting some thought to it. It's immediately obvious, and I laughed out loud. I've heard a white person say or do all the things reflected in the testimonials many times. You're right on the mark. I remember when I was in the military, I'd see white people who'd come from parts of the country where they never interacted with black people, thrown into a working relationship with several (gasp) black people, obviously grappling with their urban white guilt. God, they'd say the stupidest things. (For those who aren't aware, the percentage of black people in the military is far larger than their percentage of the total US population).

As a relatively aware white person, I've always cringed when hearing white people do or say such things. They never seem to put to 2+2 together: By, "acting black," they send the message that A. They are probably masking guilt of their own latent racism, and doing it by overcompensating socially, and B. Changing their behavior so obviously around anyone, even race aside, says you think the recipient of your communication needs altered communication to understand you, thereby insulting their intelligence. Over the years I've watched the reactions of black people in these situations. More often than not, they're not angry, so much as sad and disappointed. But take heart, there's a lot of smart people out there who realize this, whom you never notice, precisely because they're not making asses' of themselves in this way.

I've always been embarrassed by these fools, and I think you've handled it brilliantly, and the best way possible - through wit and humor. I wish Saturday Night Live was still this good at satirizing human behavior. I'd stay up late more often and watch it. Great job.

I also agree with on of the other letters about Sally. She is hot. ;-)

I absolutely love your site. You've magically swirled vanilla and chocolate into an entirely new flavor; and that flavor is funny. Not funny in a "Hey, this tastes funny" sort of way, but more like a "this is so delicious it's funny... Damn funny." Your site is so funny that it makes me want to take my pants off, smash a pie in my face and do a funny dance (either the Roger Rabbit or the Running Man, I guess the Cabbage patch would also be good).
-Nate (white guy who wishes black people loved him as much as they love you)
I thought your site was pretty cool until I got to the letters page. It's sort of deflating because the whole page is basically a shrine to your cleverness and how funny you are. Lose the ego-waxing tribute to yourself page. But that's just me.
Hey, I really like your site. Along with many other themes, I particularly enjoyed the way you show that people can still be "racist" although they believe themselves not to be. In a case such as this, I put racist in quotation marks because it is not a conscious feeling of hate or ill-will but rather a subconscious set of stereotypes that are ingrained by societal norms.

Anyway, in response to a previous letter...I don't believe the "race" or color of the people who created this site has any particular implications or significance. This, of course, is just an opinion and should be taken as such. I don't really understand how people define race or why. I am Korean, but was adopted at the age of five months and raised in a 95% white suburb of Philadelphia. Culturally, I'm "white" I suppose. I would call myself American. However, many strangers will look at me and think "Asian". Yes, physically I have the characteristics of an Asian. However, the term Asian describes only my looks. It has nothing to do with my traditions, culture, thoughts, or beliefs.

Back to the "implications" of the race of the creators of this site...I know that everyone has their own definition of race. Personally, I don't have one because I don't really know an accurate and fair way to categorize people while not judging them. "Race" is what you make of it. Whatever perceived implications are found by looking at the color of the people that created this site lies within your mind. These thoughts are there, most likely, because you fear or assume that other people have the same assumptions. (i.e. some sort of race dominance because white people created the site?)

Stereotypes gain their strength from the number of people who are aware of them. By raising awareness of stereotypes you plant a seed within the minds of all who become aware. There have been many studies that show the impact of stereotypes upon the targeted group. While individuals may not consciously subscribe to them or even actively fight them, the unconscious effects are devastating. An exemplary study was done testing several black students at two times with tests of equal difficulty. One test asked the race or ethnicity beforehand while the other did not. The students did worse on the tests that asked their race. How many of these students do you think tell themselves that black people are stupid?

The best way to fight stereotypes is by setting counter examples through your own actions. Until people see enough laundromats run by non-Asians, etc. people will only remember examples of the stereotype. I believe that in the case of stereotypes and "race", awareness is harmful because it is misleading. Culture is what separates us. Cultural awareness is the key. Color reflects nothing but light.
As much as this site is trying to be a clever attack upon how whites treat blacks when we are trying to be friendly, there is a reason that this phenomenon occurs. The reason is that black people today sit and wait for the chance to say "RACISM" to something whites do. Many blacks take every opportunity they can to attack us and pick apart anything we say, in turn we have to act extra nice and say things like "I have a black friend". This is a defense mechanism we have cognitively created to shield ourselves from their constant "racism radar".

This site is humorous because it is happening everyday, but it makes the white couple seem as if they are insincere and victimizing blacks with "stereotypes". However lots of whites today are doing this because they are walking on eggshells around blacks and and trying to avoid the blacks' eagerness to brand us as racists.


Where the hell do you people come off acting like racists bastards? It's so terrible that there are still people like yourselves in society, making a mockery of the black race and everyone who has tried to improve this country. I wish there was a place that your type could go and just be surrounded with one another, so that the sane portion of this world could live without you're stupidity. Dont write back.  
Good site. I like satire with a purpose. I got a good laugh myself as I've not been totally immune to stereotyping. Anyway I wanted to comment on a previous letter.

"Chris Rock put it best when he said he heard white people describe Colin Powell as "very articulate". Considering thats something you would never use to describe a white person, its obviously a cultural bias, albeit a little more subtle. When you look at the logic of the description, its truly moronic. He's an educated man representing a staggering amount of power and influence: how the FUCK is he suppposed to sound?!?! Did you expect him to throw up signs?"

Well, he could sound like our current president. That's one white man that I don't think anybody would make the mistake of calling articulate.

I Laughed my ass of. Then I thanked the person that sent it to me....then I sent it to my family (Cause they are black and might think its funny) Then I sent it to my white friends that "I LOVE" and thought could take a joke and understand some points. Then I sent it to my one friend that once told me "Your not like other black people" I would have gave him shit when he said it but he was drunk..(you can't scold drunk people)...but now with the power of your site I hope he understands where he went wrong.

P.S. Its pretty sad some people really don't get this. I got it as soon as I saw the URL.

Understand that you will bear some of the guilt for the time -- not too far off -- when my drunken self will try to explain why the photo captioned "BAM! This is how we do it!" is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks to people who won't understand what I'm talking about.  
I think the website is great and it's really hilarious that a lot of people don't get it. However, the remark about being "articulate" I use on all my friends of every nationality. That is because I am always amazed to find *anyone* who can still speak our language. I am amazed when I meet people that can use words like 'segue', 'oriented' (not orientated, which isn't a word) etc., with the proper usage and pronunciation. To me saying someone is articulate is a compliment, no matter what the race. At any rate, your site is hilarious and well thought out. I'm amazed after reading the letters page that so many people just don't get the point. You crack me up.

Some of the points you raised are things that my girlfriend and I joke about when talking about stupid things people of other races say in order to express that they are not racist - and then in essence
demonstrating that they still see people (and I quote a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr) "by the color of their skin and not the content of their character". I wish you much success in opening the eyes of
those that still feel they need to justify their relationships with persons of other races by pointing out the differences rather than similarities.
Just a girl from MD
I just went through through your website again. I felt, after reading all the testimonials, that it was needed. My comment now? It is not funny nor racist. What seems most important is how WE respond to this website - do WE feel WE must state OUR color when giving our testimonials...How many even got to the part "STUFF OUR FRIENDS CARE ABOUT"...Maybe those of you who have come back to see if your testimonial was printed will revisit this website.

to new_friends????
I will not foward this as a joke, as it came to me - I wanted to tell you. I laughed so hard...when i got to the link - "stuff, etc.," it did as intended - knocked me so hard...shame...but that is ok... because I HAD been laughing the hardest at MYSELF during this website - and that IS the best lesson - to see your OWN weaknesses and to learn from them - there IS still hope - and I can STILL pass this on to others as I have NOT given up on others (especially my kids)....this was intensely thought provoking.

I just wanted to take a moment to give credit where it's due. The site is beautifully conceived, and sufficiently barren in design to be believable, if only for a short moment. The sarcasm is, of course, blatant, but so well written that you're certainly forgiven for any lack of subtlety. So good luck, and thanks for creating such a wonderfully antagonist masterpiece!
Word up?
If this were a sketch comedy bit on Saturday Night Live or even In Living Color (which by-the-way did things like this quite often) you wouldn’t have people thinking about it all the time. However, because its a website, people start over-thinking and are like "What did they mean by that?"  
Clearly Sally and John could've gone to college with me and the rest of the New England prep school crowd. Rock on, and keep up the gratuitous use of Bob Marley lyrics.  
Someone from The Kids in the Hall once said he'd rather not perform at all than do toothless comedy. Amen to that.  
I have to say the almost the funniest part of your page are the letters from people who just don't get it. It's quite obvious what you're doing and both myself (white) and my friends (black) who were looking at the site had a good laugh. I know I've probably been stupid enough to fall into some of these misperceptions in the past, and it's nice to see people willing to expose them in a humorous way. Also, props for being unafraid to use the word nigger--someone else commented on how inappropriate it was--because intentionally omitting it or calling it the "n word" only empowers it as a tool for racists, which you obviously are not.  
I'm a white male that grew up in suburbia. We only had two black children in my school. I never understood racism because I never saw evidence of the stereotypes. Although I feel that I am as non-racist as a person can be, I do appreciate your site because it helps me to understand that there are perhaps many black people who continue to suffer from such abhorent stereotypes. It also helps me to understand the attitudes of my black college roommate who seemed more prejudiced against whites than any whites against blacks that I had ever met. I think I will try to more closely scrutinize my actions and comments when I speak to my black friends to see if I subconsciously suffer from any racist based beliefs. Thank you for your satirical approach to the common annoyanced suffered by American blacks today.
An articulate white man with a few articulate black friends. :-)
It's funny, but it could be funnier. like if the testimonials were more humoring to the couple. Things like:

"it's like having the cleaver's or the brady's for friends. it's a trip."

"i love playing led zeppelin when they come to my house. it's just messes with their heads."

"they're just harmless white people. if it makes them happy to hang out with me, hey, to each his own, you know? one love."


Senior Copywriter
Macy's West
YOU ALL ARE FOOLS!!!! I haven't laughed so hard at stuff on the net. Even if it's funny you make a very serious point. It's kind of funny how some of the letters you're getting actually reflect what you are talking about. Welcome to the "colored" community.....
First off, thanks for putting together such a clever sight.

What really shocks me though, is how people who are too closed minded and ignorant to see the reality and sarcasm, almost INVARIABLY call you guys "fags" or "gay." Please people, homosexuality is both natural and real, and just like the black community, they are separated and judged. How can you berate someone for being racist while being racist yourself. Maybe the site offends you b/c its a gigantic mirror being held up to your face, and you can't stand to look. Well, until you do, this site is necessary.

As Voltaire said, " God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."

thanks again!
Your site brings to light the frustrations of people of color in dealing with the stereotypes and prejudices that some white people harbor, even though they may not realize it. I think the site is doing a good job of fostering conversation, and if viewers have a bit more patience with it, and question why they are shocked or disturbed by it, they might understand its role as a useful tool to continue these conversations.

However, the real only problem I see was reflected to me in the letters page. The website posits, and many viewers assume, that white people created the website. If white people are the site's creators, I hope they recognize the implications of doing so. Though the site serves to generate dialogue, it is an antagonistic conversation whose impetus is the white voice. And if the white individual speaks for the frustrations of the black individual, well, that is problematic.

I imagine this site began from the idea of a mixed-race group of individuals. If it is not, I hope its creators, who pose the pro/antagonists as white people, recognize the implications of doing so, and do not seek to reinforce racial heirarchies of language and debate inherent in our social and academic worlds.
I just love your website. Keep up the good. By the way, I have white friends too. A former NYC girl living in Atlanta.
This site is fantastic! Really puts negative race relations in a new light.

It always bugs me when people bitch about civil rights groups since "racism is behind us". There was a Maya Angelou poem written in 1983 that we read in English class, and white students didn't understand why she was complaining in modern day America about racism. For some people who didn't grow up in the inner-city, they associate their non-racist experience as the American norm. Its seriously like talking to a brick wall, BLEH!!!

Chris Rock put it best when he said he heard white people describe Colin Powell as "very articulate". Considering thats something you would never use to describe a white person, its obviously a cultural bias, albeit a little more subtle. When you look at the logic of the description, its truly moronic. He's an educated man representing a staggering amount of power and influence: how the FUCK is he suppposed to sound?!?! Did you expect him to throw up signs?

Nick (Chinese ... thats almost black ... right?)

P.S. Sally is really hot.
i think your site is damn funny. the things you guys posted on your site send out a strong message. i'm black and it's good to know that someone realizes that we are people and not just "black people." i hope people peep what your expressing, pay attention to it, and think before they speak the next time they come in contact with a black person.
What is your point? What is this site trying to say? I find this kind of offensive to see that you sit there and make a website saying that a race of people "love" you when you haven't even thought about the fact that people are indivisuals.

What's the deal with the photos? You always seem to be smiling and drinking...Plus you wear stereotypical clothing that "white people would wear". If I came across you I would probably be more confused than love struck!

But I am just one person...
Black on the outside but an indivisual on the inside.
The tone of the letters on your site varies so widely; it is obvious that most people are unable to recognize satire. For the person who said: "What a bizarre site. I think it's funny or ironic or something, but I'm not sure. I'm gonna think about it some more," I can only respond that thinking about it would be a really good idea. You folks are funny but very thought-provoking.

Please everyone, try and recognize what's going on here: Irony is being used to illustrate a point. The underlying racism, that some people think they are seeing, is exactly the point of this website. As I see it, that's where the true social message lies, and there is further irony in the fact that people of color are finding unintended offense here.
I am a bi-racial women that is married to a black man and we have two children together. I was just curious to know what made you want to do this website? There are obviously some black people -- that have never been around white people-- that are offended by the jokes on the website. For people that are bi-racial or are black and have very close white friends, it would be obvious that there is a bit of stereotypical sarcasm intentionally placed in the website.
Please respond,
Houston, Texas
Great job,
I was wondering what the ratio of your email is between morons calling you racist and intelligent people giving you praise. I'm very impressed with this site. I can tell by your links that this is not a simple joke, and I fully support the idea of raising awareness, and educating the ignorant.
- Travis
Hilarious site. I think you give yourselves away as actual black people with the wet dog quote, because most white people don't realize they smell that way. But if you actually are white, congrats on a great job.
Sadly, I can match almost every comment, from one of your 'friends' to a white person I know ... and when I forwarded this link to one ex-white-friend who fit almost all of the comments, he got really mad ... But, things will never change if we don't acknowledge the problem.  
This has got to be one of the funniest websites I have ever seen!!! Whose idea was this anyway? And "Sally and Johnny" must be some supercool white folk FOR REAL just to pose as the suckers for this whole farse. I dig it the most -- and yes, I'm Black.
It's amazing how racist some of these racist-accusers are ;)  
This was creative!! I know that this is a joke because no person with any real sense would actual believe the comments of the so called "Black Friends." Yes, I am a black woman and I think that this site raises the consciousness of the race issue and enlightens the readers about white people's perception of Blacks, I just did not think the it was funny or entertaining I thought that it was very educational. Way to go, Mr. or Ms. Creator of the site. Way to educate the world on some of the f*cked up theories and false perceptions of our "Great" Society!!

P.S. I hope this makes it to your Letter Page too
This is the dumbest site I've ever seen and as a black person, I'm deeply offended. You all should be ashamed of yourself.  
I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Finally, the awkward tension between me and my white friends (I'm Negro) has been resolved. They argue with me now because they think this shit is serious. They love your site and don't realize that it's all satirical. They looked shocked when I even suggest it's potential humor. I love you guys and I need new white friends. Peace out homeys.
Hi Sally and Johnny, A friend of mine just showed me your website and I had to respond because I can't believe you are for real. Firstly, if these people in the pictures really are your friends then you clearly treat them disgustingly - why should they "feel good" that you say you like his hat etc.  

To Whom It May Concern:
This is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. I'm a black person, an' I LOVE ya'!
Much Obliged,

Y'all are crazy. Damn funny, too. But I'm wondering if you're just playing around or are kind of racist...Ya'ah mean?! And are those black people your friends or what? Do they just have great senses of humor? I'm not someone who's offended or anything, I'm just curious. Hilarious stuff!
Keepin it real,
Crazy C
I must say that I was quite entertained by your web site. I am totally for white and colored people to be friends, and be able to drink wine together. I live in South Georgia, so I really understand the pressures of interracial relations. You people are pioneers and should be adorned with accolades and awards.
Keep it real,
Ga Boy
This is the funniest website I've ever seen!!!
Zaira Zafra
Black Person
You guys are seriously fucked up. I have never seen anyone this lame. Please tell me that you are not planning on reproducing. You have the potential to raise a future serial killer.  
I know im not actually black but both of my parents are so i feel more black than most people actually are. i also grew up in da hood deep in philly so im one tough motha. i love your site so much and would love to be a part of it. you guys rule so much. (in the picture i am the one furthest on the right)

you guys are dorks but the website is some what funny i guess, good luck with it.

Ya'll are crazy. That's all I have to say!  
How can I be a Black friend to Sally & Johnny? Having White friends makes me feel like I AM somebody after all. Like I'm not just another person of color, but that I'm actually a PERSON ... like my color doesn't matter. It's finally great to find some white people who understand that and who like me for who I am on the inside, and don't care about my color on the outside. So how can I be down? :)
Lots of love to my CU folks,
This is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. It really reminds me a lot of how my white friends feel and is typical of something they would do. What an innovative and creative idea!  
I don't know if you all are balck or white, but this site should get some kind of award!
Possible titles:
Best internet performance art
Best interactive editorial American society
Most thought-provoking site of the Year
Damn funniest thing on my PC this Year
If you don't know about these guys already, check out:
Powerful stuff!!
I just wanted to say how much i love your site... id love to hand out with you guys but im not sure i'd fit in, the pictionary and hangman games you play are pretty hardcore. although i'd always join in with helping to raise the roof!  
I'd like to know the purpose of your site? I found it funny, shocking, self effacing and confrontational all at the same time. Why did you create this site? Do you have a target audience because the links are informative. I guess amused and confused at all the same time.
Hope to hear from you.
Your site is great! I got a good laugh out of it...Please do updates and or add more content .
LOL...I had 2 email you fuckin guys, I just saw your website and it was fuckin hillarious, im gonna show all my friends ahahaha, good job on this shit lol what a fuckin joke, later  
You bigots!  
This isn't meant to be rude or metaphorical or anything in particular--it's just something I've been curious about ever since I discovered your website. I cannot help but wonder: Are Sally and Johnny Canadian?  
Is this a joke or what?  
Your sight sux. I’m black and I don’t like u  
You web-site is interesting. I was just wondering why you decided to do it. Keep up the good work, I think. And hope to see more new things on the site.
Congratulations on an excellent and entertaining site which bridges the race gap. Thank you, and keep up the good work.
High School Senior
Are you guys serious?  
Look not that I'm racist but I think this whole "I love black people" thing is rather dumb. like its great you like black people but...you guys sound an look like fags. (no offense) come on man get with it. like as much as I like black people 2 you got admit there just are some bad mother fuckers out there, I'm a white boy who has lots of blacks in gangs but I don't make a fuckin site about em. come on man and some of my friends think this is racist on how you have to make a site trying to prove BLACKS aren't bad like why don't you prove that whites aren't either?
HIT ME BLACK!!!!(i mean back)
What exactly is your site trin' to say or is it just a joke.. it doesnt seem to symbolize anything at all.. either you two are some sick racist assholes or your really have to much time on your hands.  
I'm sorry I just don't get you guys. But my friend Wes does and he's black so that makes me feel good.
You guys are alright.
This site is straight up dope, yo  
I would just like to say what a hillarious site you have; an excellent idea and concept - do you have any others? Could you tell me a bit more about how you thought of the design/ideas for the site?
p.s. liked the links addition "stuff our friends care about" also, gives a good insight via the webpages into black culture and stuff.
Your site is funny and simple but actually it means really A LOT in this war-loving and full-of-haters world!
I'm about to cry :'(
People like you make this world a place to live, thanks...
Onur from Turkey
Okay, I will be your friend, but only if you include my tribute to the Million Woman March. It seems that people forget it and I don't want people to forget it. Especially those women who attended the March. Though we may disagree with the motive for calling the MWMarch, I think that a lot of the Sisters were really sincere and I don't think their memories should be brushed aside. You may find this tribute at http://www.geocities.com/ifamathink Please include this on your page of links that Black people care about. I am Black and I care about that!!
ey man i want you to respond to this....ya'll are sum dum ass white folk and i hate you and hope you die and i'm not white i'm black u stoopid honkey ass honkeys. that site is ridiculous, it ain't funny its sick. if i ever meet or find you i'm gonna end you. on the spot.or i'll do ur wife first. fuckin crackers
die bitch come see me
cornell university ask any black guy u see for gotti
You guys are funny as fuck!! hahaha, u got my funny site for the month award, thankyou, god bless and jesus loves u! hahaha :)  

Dear johnny and sally.
tell me this site is not a joke, and that you two are seriously just demented...if it is a joke, I don't think I like it.

Some how I came across your site on a day of perusing the web, and I found your site. ITS NICE! It's good to see that some people still have a sense of humor, kind of reminds me a In Living Color back in the day. Hope all is well, just had to say keep of the good work
Sally & Johhny,
A friend of mine referred me to your website,
http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com, and I think that it is brilliant. Everything from the testimonials to the uber-WASPish sweater set is perfect!
Keep it coming!

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! Thanks for having the nerve.
Jim Woodring

Thats the cheesiest website ive ever seen, starting with ur pics and ending with the whole message, WE think Black people are cool and we should hang out with them. Well, u know what, by making these comments ur automatically set a barrier and defferentiate between the races, which i personally dont do and never refer to a black person as to a black, rather to a human being, because if u tryly believe that were equal u dont make descriptions like that.

I guess ur website targets a really narrow minded ignorant pool of people, good luck with it....
- Olga
Your site's funny for the most part, okay fine, but you need to work on making the testimonials funnier as the voice of an actual black person. Until you do that it just gets a minor chuckle.
Hi, i just visited your web site. I must say i found it very amusing. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. I was just wondering if that site was meant as a joke or as a true "look at me, i'm white and still, black people love me". My common sense says that it is all a big joke. I mean just look at that pictures with all the fake smiles in it. It makes me laugh and throw up at the same time. Well, that's all i have to say about your em...hm..."web site".
We love you! Sally's a fox, while Johnny's beard and jumper make him appear to be a very dapper gent indeed. Plus, the pictionary snaps are some of the funniest I've seen!
I never knew Americans could be so funny ;o)
Dan R in Nottingham.
It is my new goal in life to bring your internet website to the attention of more black people so that there will be more black people in the world that hate you rather than love you. And so, justice will pervail. I will inform you as soon as the black hate\love ratio tips against your favour.
That is all.
What is the point in ur lame website, i have friends but i dont make a website about it.  
I can't believe how funny and effective your site is. I maintain a delphi forum about multicultural interactions and one of our members found your site. It's a great starting point for our discussions!!!
Would you like to come by our forum and chat?
Hmm, just saw your website. sounds a good idea, but you two seem horrible, horrible people. the sort of people who describe themselves as 'wacky'. i bet youre both great fun at parties  
It's cool, the way you joke around with racism. Keep it up!
Greetings from the netherlands.
-Jochem "webpheser" Blijleven
I am a black man living in Canada... I can feel the love!
You guys rock eh.
Hi, I just e-mailed you earlier today(but at the other address, the newfriends@bplu.com one). I heard that the black people on your site are hired actors. I'm wondering if it's true. Have you ever met any of them before building the stie? For some reason, I'm just curious.  
Hey dogg, your website is dope as hell. Mad props. My question is for Johnny: where the hell do you meet people, particularly women, who have a sense of humor like that? All the hoes I meet at school are boring and would kick me in the crotch if I mentioned an idea like making a website like that, namsayin'? Anyway, keep it real biatch.
Holla back,
P.S. Peep my sweet picture homes! I'm the white guy jumping, but I'm playing with actual black people and I'm wearing #23 (just like Michael Jordan, another black person)!!! You can put it on your site if you want!
what are you people retarded?
do you think this is funny?
all your stereo-types are so blatant, it is really disrespectful. Why don't you take both of your lilly white asses to a real black community and try all of your trite behavior. I swear every time we try and be cool with white people soe of them have to do stupid stuff.
I'm a 21 yr old black male and I immediately *got the joke* as soon as I finished scanning your site. Thank you for raising quite serious "pet-peeves" some blacks experience in interacial friendships in a surprisingly funny and sarcastic way(I've gotten the "you're not like other black people" quite a few times myself). I encountered the site through www.livejournal.com. Unfortunately, the actual *point* of your website is lost on a lot of people(white and black). It's sad, cause if they just relax and try not to be so uptight they might take something from it to use in future friendships(as I'm sure you have in your experiences with your Af/Am buds). If you have an e-mail list to notify folks of future sites or projects like this, drop me a message and let me know! Later!
If there were any bigger losers than you guys I'd have to shake their hands. Who cares if you have black friends, so do I, and asian and hispanic and arab, christ almost any kind of culture. Get a fucking life and find something better to do with this site, even if it's a joke.  
I'm not black, but I live in a very white town. I've always wondered if I could be friends with black people - your wonderful website has proved that it IS possible to befriend them! Thank you!
Kevin Hulbert
Hahahaha. That was the highlight of my day. I have lots of black friends too. I have an inside joke with one of them, how I can't walk up to him in public and say "sup my nigga'!" without people laughing or looking at me/us oddly. The joke is that, in the same respect, he also cannot walk up to me (who is gay) and say "whaddup mah queer!" So, instead when greeting each other we call each other "Q" and "N". I know it's lame.. but what can I say. :)  
Ace website, haven't seen something quite as amusing in a while :)  
Honestly, your site has to be the most humorous thing I've seen in a LONG time. A site making fun of white people who think they aren't racist . . . All the references to stupid assumptions (statements) white people make thinking they are being inclusive to their "black friends" , but in fact they are showing you how different they really think we are. The testimonies are classic. Half of them, I've experienced myself :-) If anyone is offended by it, they need to get laid or get a sense of humour . . . perhaps both.
Keep up the good work ;0)
Robyn Fountain
Hey Guys,
I thought your site is quite funny - normally Americans don't do irony, right? Hang loose y'all.
David Whiffen

Hilarious and genius!!!!!!!!!!! I love your website.


Hi. Your website is absolutely BRILLIANT! Funniest I have seen for ages. Thanks - do you have any more web sites?

I can't figure out werther your so totally racist that your proud you "broke through the seal", or wether your just yanking my chain....write back.
I'd just like to say really nice job on the site. And even while I was laughing at stupid people who think that they're not racist but they really are, I caught my self once or twice thinking "I don't do that, do I? oh my god, I kind of do!" May your site be a lesson to all well-intentioned "non-racists" since we all categorize to some extent, it's in our nature.  
Oh my gawd!
Now my friends are in debt to me for forwarding them the funniest site on the web! And I am in debt to you because now I can show my dumb cracker boss this site and maybe, just maybe, he'll stop calling me "Sistah" and asking me not too "diss" him.
Keep up the good work!
Can you make a special division for Asian people. I'm white and Asian people love me, I have no idea why!  
I really hope that your site is sarcastic.  
Great site, you should do a "gaypeopleloveus" spinoff :)  
Site is funny, of course, but it troubles me as a white guy because I've actually done some of the stuff on your list. I would never "give props" or pretend to like rap, but I got so flustered in conversation with a black co-worker the other day I did the damn "Tiger Woods" thing. There really is a different culture out there and white people just don't know the rules. Cut us some slack, please. Maybe we're not racist. Maybe we're just stupid.  
I have to say that this site is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's so...well, well-meaningly clueless and at the same time satirical...just...very amusing stuff  
I just wanted to tell you guys that your website was some of the funniest shit I've seen in a LONG time. Thank you for the laugh. That was like a website version of an SNL skit or something. Anyway, I loved it. I would send my picture to be your friend but sadly I am not black. Keep the funny shit up.  

So, i'm black and this is the most hilarious shit i've seen in awhile. Thank you, for your bravery. You've touched my heart and made me bust a gut. If you need a picture of a black couple to post let us know.
Terrene and Christine Moline
New Orleans, LA

I think your site is funny and for a good laugh, however I do thank offence to the use of the N word on your site. I don't see the need for that word to me used by black or white people and that word does hurt alot of people. Therefore if you really want black people to love you then I would ask if you take that word off your site.
Thanks a Million
Hello. I recently stumbled across your helpful and informative website @ http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com. My husband and I could really use your help. For some silly reason, most black people seem to HATE us! Please advise as to what we might start doing differently!
Yours, in Christ,
Mrs. George W. Bush ("Laura")o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

Mrs. George W. Bush
First Lady of the United States
E-mail: first.lady@whitehouse.org
Internet: http://www.whitehouse.org
"Being first lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world."
Yes, this does an AWESOME job of highlighting much of the patronizing, twisted thinking of many white folk. I'd love to see you make another similar sight around the concept of white privilege I hope this page spreads and changes the world a little. Thanks.  

Hi Sally and Johnny:
I think I might have missed the point of your web site. Care to explain?

Your site is one of the FUNNIEST things I've seen in a LONG time. Can I send you some photos of my hubby and I at hockey games?  
I really don’t think this site is amusing. I don’t know what you are trying to get across. Lots of people get along all over the world, you don’t see anyone else making a website of their personal experiences. I don’t think you are true friends and hope you rot in hell.
A Beautiful Black Woman
Wow, great job, kiddos :-)
I especially like the _pained_ look of the gentleman in the "nigga, pleeeease" photo. I think the hangman clue that stumps Johnny is the best, though.
Its not funny...even as a joke.  
Y'all gotta know that Sally bitch be for real. I'd love to come up on a ass and a mouth like that one. For this reasons, I would really really like to be y'all's friend. Where do you all live about? I am a very nice person, by the way.
Being a black person, I can see why black people love you. Love your site. Continue to take more pictures and testimonies.
You people are full of bullshit and I hope that someone makes u take this stupid site down really soon.
A Black Woman From CA
Wow, this is the most racist shit I've ever seen in my life. Except for that mini-series called "Mr. and Mrs. Issippi Burning" back in the early eighties. You guys are a bunch of racist fags!!!!  
What a bizarre site. I think it's funny or ironic or something, but I'm not sure. I'm gonna think about it some more. Thanks.  

Your site is VERY clever. I am dying to know who is really behind the site and what made you put it up? Would love to hear anything else you would care to share about it.
All the Best,


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