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Hi! Lots of people are writing in. We don't really get it, but here's what everyone is saying. THANKS!!


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I am very curious is this a joke or are you truly attempting to make a point. I find its hillarious but many people might be offended by some of the remarks. I understand that questions might seem dumb such as how do you get your hair like that? but sometimes you have to ask. I mean i've been asked by black people plenty of times about my habits and reasons for doing things. You have attacked white so called stupid questions but have altogether omitted the fact that black people do the same. go to a majority black school I am the only white person on an all black squad of girls and believe me i have heard some questions. Granted your sight is intriguing humorous as well as daring i believe it is in itself very close minded. I hope you have the time to respond to my questions and comments thank you very much.
Sincerly me
i just wanna say i feel sorry for all the narrow minded hypocrytes that are talkin trash about the site. anyone who is educated enough to know a satire when they see it, would see that, obviously, this is just a joke. i'm black. i'm educated. this site is off the hook cuz it makes everyone look stupid. makes close minded back folks look stupid cuz they are offended and dont get the point. makes some white people look stupid because they think that its serious and thats how u "play around" with black folks. ya'll needa untighten yer asses and laugh at yerselves and everyone else a little bit. all u people sendin johnny and sally death threats are pathetic and need to take yer narrow minded asses to school or something. if the site was something like "white people love us," and was being all sarcastic about white people, maybe u wouldnt be offended. now who's racist? any damn way, ya'll needa get ! over yerselves. sally and johnny, great job for bringin the fools out into the light
black, cool, proud, (doesnt love sally and johnny, but they cool)
This is a bullshit ass web site if yall was trying to crack jokes or get a laugh u failed miserably. It wasn't funny or in good taste. and the so called black people you got to posse in though pics for u should have they ass whooped for sellin out. fuck yall and fuck your web site.  
This site has been registered since october 2001 but is just making the internet rounds now?  
Holy crap! I immediately recognized what you guys were up to. A slapstick perspective on race issues. What a concept. Granted racism isn't funny, but sometimes us whities gotta laugh at ourselves for being such dipshits. Maybe race relations in the new millenium can make room for parody and humor. You guys are the honky's answer to Chris Rock. God bless, but stay out of trouble.
Matthew K
Portland, Oregon
I don't know whether to be offended or to bust out lauging....if you're expressing that some ignorant country white people have said those things on your home page then YES thank you for putting that out there so some people realize what they are saying....but the other pages wiith "one love" just didnt do anything but make fun of black people...i can see where you are trying to go, but i think that went a bit far :-p anyhow, funny website  
I am truly afraid I found this site most disturbing. The things you put on here to mock African Americans...it is a shame. I do not hate...I do not have it in me to do so. I just hope you find this line of 'comedy' as racially inspired as I do. I am sorry to say you have just brought the thoughts of many proud African Americans about white people down a few more notches. It is very hard to see something so degrading. However, I am pleased to say I do not know anyone like you and could never befriend anyone that acts as you do. I correct people that make derogatory statements about African Americans. I never get angry, I only cease the friendship if no lessons can be learned by both involved. Being one country does not mean separation...it means trying to understand your neighbor..whomever that may be. Be strong...be free...live well...! .
"Your rights and freedoms end when your finger touches my chest..." Malcolm X
I'm a junior in high school, and I got it... so it was amusing to see how many people DIDN'T get it. That's the point, I guess. Anyways... I just wanted to tell you guys that you did a wonderful job.  
I'm impressed that a lot of people have made the connection between this site and the condescension towards homosexuals. Though most of my friends are gay men, I still never know when it's ok to bring up their preferences during conversation. Sometimes we'll simply be talking about hot guys, and then sometimes I feel like maybe they didn't want me to allude to their sexuality. This topic warrants more discussion as well.  
Thanks for such a great satire -- so many folks don't even realize that racism doesn't just come in big, violent moments. It happens all the time in the form of presumably well-meaning, but totally patronizing, behavior. I'm Chinese-American and the man who opened my checking account recently tried to "relate" to me by telling me about his "friends" who've come over to the US by boat. Thanks for a site that really helps me laugh about something that usually just ruins my day.  
"Sally" & "Johnny".....
A friend of mine forwarded me your website, and it is hands-down one of the funniest, most on-point sites I have ever seen. The minute I saw it, I said to myself that you had really summed up many of the subtle forms of racism, in the context of mocking white culture. The thing that bothers me though, is that upon reading your "letters" section, I am surprised at how many people didn't get it. For white-folks, I assume that their thinking the site is racist is precisely BECAUSE they don't understand subtle racism. At any rate, my white girlfriend and I got in an argument about the site. She thinks that for those who don't get white-racism, the rest of us must educate them in a persuasive manner. I used to say that it wasn't my duty to educate racists and go out of my way to not offend them. The responses to your site indicate exactly this problem though: some people get it right away and some people are offended by it. Meaning some people need more explanation than others, and some need that explanation in a non-"offensive" manner. I'm not sure if you should feel compelled to do that, as I said the site stands for itself - whereas she thinks you ought to.
You have broken down the taboo of race-conscious social situations and made us all laugh at ourselves (or at least those of us who are REAL enough to understand the irony of it all) - keep it up!
A Black Woman From New York Via Kentucky
I think this is very interesting. But I will say as a white male that this awkwardness has arisen more than once, and I have yet to understand a way to deal with it in an 'appropriate' manner. I just got the point where I just never brought it up, but that isn't particularly productive.

Maybe both sides of the story need to be aired so that we can move on and fight the real enemy (class).
A shrine to the embarrassed cringe of recognition... do you remember that scene in Brother from another planet when the 2 white guys get lost in Harlem? Hyuk...
Yrs, Laurel
that $hit was hilarious, if people dont get it, fcuk em!
a big fat black chik who enjoys surfing and skydiving
Great site! Very funny, and I'm assuming black folks created this. Sometimes humor and satire can go a lot further towards making a point about a serious issue than ranting or accusing or intellectualizing. As a white woman, I felt uncomfortable laughing at this stuff because I've seen/heard other white folks say things like this and I'm sure I've done it myself. Consciousness is not always comfortable.  
u guyz r crazy but i do admit i did have a laugh or two cuz its funny to see white people tryna get down when it jus dont go wit the flow..but its cool but yea i do agree wit that one person u do ned to the nigga off the site...  
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. It's also the most honest. Some of the reactions you have gotten are so typical of the "progressive" liberal elite, who refuse to accept that EVERYONE, themselves included, have or have had misconceptions about people of another race.  
I'm not black, I'm asian; and while I normally refrain from comparing my experiences to those of a black american, your testimonials on the front page reminded me a lot of the typical white person trying to "relate to the asian guy" by talking about kung fu or the last foreign chinese film they saw.
You imply that these "squares", like many whites, only care about black civil rights/liberation to gain the acceptance of other black and white peers. That it is hip to be P.C. and humanitarian, and that those whites that claim to advocate for the rights of blacks out of a true sense of altruism may have suspect intentions. This only increases race tensions.

Are friendships between whites and blacks in the U.S. so rare that to be loved by one another is both a novelty for those involved and an implied service to each race? The betterment of the lives of all individuals in this country comes from eliminating racism. We live in a racist culture, and as has been said, "the greastest challenge is not to learn but to unlearn".
Sally and Johnny,
You two are just fucking retarded. How can you be so oblivious. Im disgusted in your stupidity.You white yuppie bastards. All black people probably pitty you, i know i do. whats the big deal you have black friends holy shit your cool now. get a life maybe one day you will have an asian friend or somebody else and you can make another website about that and even more people can hate you for makin shitty ass sites and being fuckin retarded. please get a life
I see my lilly-white over-compensating ass in some of your captions. I hope my black friends forgive me. Thanks for the insight.
Dear Sally and Johnny,
Your biting sarcasm and audacious wit are a beacon of hope in a society in which, at certain times of disillusionment--i.e., the supposed "showdown with Iraq," midterm exams, the sniper being a Black man, the police getting away with beating a boy and his father half to death in California--one can honestly believe that there is no cracking the systems of privilege that bind us, as white people are unwilling to acknowledge and ignorant of that privilege. I appreciate the fact that, as opposed to most of the young white people that attend my university, you possess the knowledge necessary to work with Black people, and perhaps uplift a few Negroes and whiteys as well. I must put the latter two in the same category, as members of both groups have asked to touch my hair and derived some kind of voodoo powers from it. Again, thank you. I will tell others about your website, and I will visit your site often.
Peace and Blessings,
Memphis, TN
This is a great site! The page of links is what brings it all home. Yes, the rest of the site is sarcastic, but the links are to real information that Black (with a capital 'B') people care and need to know about. Good job! Hit me back, Sally.
Your friend,
Chris (in South Philly and NYC)
Just saw your site and had to write to you....
I laughed too hard...forwarded your link to my father....he said it was honkybullshit. Go figure?! I thought it was quite the clever lil site and I'm glad I stumbled across it. I know many a sally and johnny...I forwarded this to them too hehehe.
Say it loud...
your site just contributes to racial sterotypes and prejudice. why dont you get a life a find something constructive to do.  
As someone who has grown up in the most ethnically diverse place on Earth (I am a white South Londoner) let me offer my sincerest congratulations. Your site is pure comic genius, but also very astute. You are the Jonothan Swift of the 21st century...!  
I think that you shouldn't use the pain and anguish of a peoples and flip it like its some kind of joke. I am embarrased at some of the comments made from blacks because this only sets us back as a people. I am also dissapointed at some that would even pose for such a site. It takes my breath away to see this. Its not the issue of race that bothers me, its the fact that you would use US as a platform for your shortcomings. Take the time on your own to find out about US as oppose to putting us into your world and then trying to break US down and studying us. We can't love our oppressors.I am not insisting that we hate anyone either. Why do we need such a site to promote the issue of race? It wouldn't be this way if we weren't enslaved in the first place. Wake up. Be humble and all will manifest.
This must be a joke right?
Great job at raising awareness. I'm going to share it with all my friends. I'm not going to tell you whether I'm black or white because it's not important. Instead, I'm going to say that I think most people don't like racism but don't really understand it either. This website shines a little light on the subject.  
This site is so funny! The worst part, however, is the letters section, because it pains me to see how many people really just don't get it. one person even mentioned how blatant the stereotypes are in her complaint.... hmm maybe there's a reason they are so apparant?? I mean, the ridiculous testimonials, the obviously posed photos, the links...... if they made it any more conspicuous, it wouldn't be funny. The reason this satire is funny relies on it NOT being spelled out. <sigh> I just wish people would calm down, open their eyes and get a joke. Personally, I have too many white friends who act just like this to not find the humor.

And to the white people who do these things- don't feel bad, I would rather have someone tell me my hair is "neat" or talk to me in "black" slang than spit in my face and call me a dirty nigger. It's human nature to have prejudices and to act on them. But because we are human beings we CAN do things to correct our own behavior. So I'm not saying you should continue, but at least you were making an effort in the right direction, even if it was based on racist stereotypes. But now that you are aware, you have the burden of correcting that behavior and spreading the awareness. :)
The design is simple, sections small and it packs a very powerful punch. Less is definately more here. If this was intended as a small joke poking fun at this paritcular brand of trying to "be in touch with the black community," (possibly aimed within just the creators group of aquaintences), or if the intentions were to hit a larger group and shine a stinging light on a severe lack of understanding, the latter effect has been achieved, as indicated by the letters recieved.
The text and the pictures make you laugh and cringe at the same time.
Love and Light,
I think you guys are really racist, and this whole web-site is a hoax. You really need to stop acting like this.  
I don't care what anyone else says. This site is the best. If you don't know what it's about, you aren't looking hard enough. It's very clever and very very true. The best part are the testominals. I don't know how you even put some of those issues into words. I don't care who wrote it, black or white, they know what they are talking about. This would be a great skit on Saturday Night Live. Man... I wish Will Ferrel could be Johnny. Wait, he's gone, right? Well, let's change it to Mad TV. It's the funniest website... you need to add more. Guys, look closer before you judge. There's nothing to be offended about. I'll be checking back!
~ Shani
A black person who loves you too!
why is this funny i understand what your trying to do but this is not how you should go about it its not funny no matter how satirical you are trying to be  
Hey, fuck that. I don't fuckin' take that shit. I don't know what dumb ass point you assholes were trying to make, but the shit didn't come across. This is by far the dumbest, and most offensiive fucking website I have ever come across. You need to seriously reconsider this site, and your own psychological well-being while at it. Who gives a flying fuck how many black friends you have. I know I sure as hell don't. If I were to ever see you assholes on the street, I'd hit you with a pick-up truck. And as far as using the word "nigga" on the site, you seriously need your ass whooped. Go to hell, and have a nice day.  
what was that shit all about you like black people , As a black person I would like for you to know that shit is not funny . I am pretty sure that others have told you this and I think it is about time you listen . Racist jokes are very old and are not remotely funny. Grow up ass holes!  
yall some crazy white folks  
no offence to white black or any type a person i am not a racist in anyway shape or form but the pictures just seem..so fake like you were posing for them and not just taking them naturally...like it was a planned out thing instead of just having a good time and playing games and taking pictures o.O thats just how i see it...anywho the site is great :ob
Uhhhhhhh, I happen to be one of the most open minded individuals, with an especially "off the beaten path" sense of humour. But I must say, I find nothing amusing about your site. I am also very interested to find out what race the authors are? Please advise.
-Confused Sister
I'm a black American and I just wanna say this is F*ckin hilarious!!!!!! I have many white friends and associates who have made the statements on the website.
Thanks for keepin it real!!! :) :) :)
Do you post every email that gets sent to you? If you do, it would be a great tool for sociological analysis. Sorry. I'm a nerd who finds your site fascinating.  
Do I really smell like wet dog after it rains?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Really like your site, and as a white guy, love the white-deprecating humor. From the wine glasses, to the party games, to the sweaters, it's a great mockery of WASPS and white people in general. Most of the quotes from your black friends serve to mock whites' conceptions of blacks. Great statement.
Rory, an Idahoan
i find your site condenscending and outrightly racist. your view about black people is ignorant, and close minded. you're part of the reason that black people in America remain oppressed under white supremecy. i have never felt inferior to white people, never will, and find it bold that whites feel they are better than everyone else. it's an ego problem that is a white problem. black people are living their lives and are no longer concerned about racist white people. your view about us does not prevent us from living our lives...happily.
hope you wake up before you die,
smart black woman
How far do the web site creators have to go before you 'get it'? I suppose many would have dropped the act at the top of the guest book but their consistent approach is to be admired. To spell it out to you - it is a satire on a certain class of satisfied, smug, white liberal who buys a World Music compilation from Walmart and thinks they understand black culture.
Graeme, from the UK
Quoted from a recent entry on your Letters page:
"However, the real only problem I see was reflected to me in the letters page. The website posits, and many viewers assume, that white people created the website. If white people are the site's creators, I hope they recognize the implications of doing so. Though the site serves to generate dialogue, it is an antagonistic conversation whose impetus is the white voice. And if the white individual speaks for the frustrations of the black individual, well, that is problematic."

Though there are many facets of this enormous topic that I would love to discuss with some of your more enlightened readers (by which I only mean those who, regardless of their opinions regarding the site, at least understand the satirical nature of its two leading characters,) I found this comment particularly interesting. This individual raises a point that I would very much like to have clarified. He / she acknowledges in an earlier portion of the letter that the site does a good job of exposing the prejudices that some individuals hold against others on tha basis of race, and that it provides a good impetus for conversation between people of different races.

The writer of the letter seems to view the site as having the potential for the provocation of thought on, and ultimately the advancement of, better race relations. If this is so, then I find the racial backgrounds of the site's authors to be absolutely immaterial. Can any one race claim ownership of this issue? I'm sorry, friend, but we're all in this together. Is it problematic when a white individual speaks for the frustrations of a black individual? Perhaps so, perhaps not. I think it depends on the individual. And I think that suggesting that a white person has no place in considering, trying to understand, or speaking for the hardships of a person of another race is a prejudice in its own right. The white individual will certainly not understand the "black experience" in the same way that a black individual does; yet if this individual is concerned and empathic, and enters wholeheartedly into the inter-racial dialogue, attempting to become more understanding of his or her brothers and sisters of all races, that person has every right to consider the hardships of his / her fellows, to meditate on their cause and nature, and yes, to speak out about them. Will the white be as accurate as the black in this? Probably not. But if this person is working toward narrowing the rift between races and cultures, I consider that a good enough reason to try.

Sorry for rambling on; the only point I really wanted to make was, if we have in this site a barb that may spur a bit of thinking about a particularly insidious form of prejudice (and manages to be pretty damn funny, too) then it has accomplished some good. To suggest that the racial backgrounds of its creators may make the content any more or less valid is, in my opinion, at best an insupportable argument and at worst a racist point of view.
Thanks for listening.
this is some funny stuff. I don't know how people could offended by it. I don't even see how they could get anything serious out of it either, it's just a funny page.
a black man at Penn State
ps- are you Canadian
I love your site. Seeing humor in such a depressing facet of the human condition strikes me as the most sane response there could be. I've had more opportunities than most to avoid the usual social programming, and I still make the sort of clueless comments as Sally and Johnny. There is no magic cure for racism that I've ever seen, but I believe humor will be a crucial part of the process.
I'll tell you what offends me. When intelligent people say things like this "And if the white individual speaks for the frustrations of the black individual, well, that is problematic." To this I would like to answer we are white not blind. Dr. King said on more than one occasion that the biggest and most difficult problems facing America was that a large percentage of white America were "unconcious racists" i.e. they thought they weren't racist but they still acted much in the same way the two main charactors on this page act. Wouldn't a white person's view on unconcious racism be as valid as a black person's? After all there's two people involved in the act of racism. Were not the white folks who were strong participants in the civil rights movement speaking for the frustrations of the black indivdual? I suppose they should have stayed home and not bothered? It's true I can never truly understand what black foks go through, but shouldn't you try to welcome the support of people from white America and educate them instead of rendering their opinions invalid? If you think something is innacurate about this page state it's innacurate. Bringing up the question of what color the person made it was makes me wonder if maybe you shouldn't take Dr. Kings words to heart and think about what goes on in your unconcious mind.  
Yep, at first glance, I thought it was just a silly website, and then I saw all of the pages. I'm impressed, it truly opens the door to dialogue. As a Latina woman, I, too, come across some truly horrifying stereotypical behavior. Thanks for making it okay to first laugh, then talk. And thanks for having the balls to put something up like this knowing that there inevitably be some people that just don't get it. But then again, there always will be people that don't get it.

P.S. - If people really think that racism doesn't exist anymore, then maybe they should have been there when 3 taxi drivers drove off before my friend Anthony got in the cab. Apparently, a black man wearing a skullcap doesn't merit a ride to his home at night. Now, THAT's disgusting.
I have to say that I am really mother fuckin pissed that the high yella segment of the community is not represented in your friendship testimonials. Being a high yella myself I get mother fuckin sick and tired of being overlooked as a real member of the Black community. How do you mother fuckers think we got to be so yellow? Cause a lot of white men fell in love with a lot of Black women back in tha day? Hell mother fuckin no. It's called rape. We feel the same pain as everyone else in the community (a least I do). And sometimes white people slip and say things when we are around that other Black folks don't get to hear. Cause we light and shit they forget we are around. These days if you light, you aint right. I guess it's just our turn.
Lisa O
Do you guys live on the Upper West Side? You've got that whole, brie and cheese New Yorker thing going.
Cheers to you,
Ron M
Senior Editor
You people are off the hook! You have a very funny site but at the same time very real in it's message. I love it, I can see why "black people love you".
B Jones, a black guy
Incredible site; excellent way to portray a very important message. For some reason, when I (an "hispanic") try to explain to my friends that racism is still a major force throughout the country, they dismiss it as paranoia and reverse-discrimination. I lack credibility, because I am the embittered spic that wants to put the blame (poverty, etc) on another. I guess white people just want to hear it from other white people. No matter what ethnicity you are yourself, this site runs on that concept.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Iris Figueroa
i wanted to write to tell you how impressed i was with your site. Just one bad cliche after another. Those of us who are non-white have experienced those tired situations more often than we can count and have exhausted ourselves trying to explain to "well-meaning" white people why it's banal and offensive and divisive to say those things.
Then i read the "Letters" page and was alternately howling with laughter and horrified at the sheer numbers of people who did not understand that this was parody. Just about the time my hope in humanity was bolstered by the wry and witty folks who made this site, i despaired at the uninformed, undereducated and ignorant, of all races, who cannot utilize simple common sense, much less a spell checker, ah well....thanks for the effort, in any case
a fan
This is the craziest website I think I have ever seen
I am not sure what this is trying to say. I used to be a racist and have changed my ways in the last ten years. This allows me to see things both ways and I found this website to be racist. If you truly spoke and acted this way... no one, black or white, would want to be around you. The only saving grace to the website is the list of links that actually promotes the black community in a positive manner. I pray this is harmless humor.
Recovered Racist,
You site uses my favorite method, namely humor, to teach. It raises awareness on how easy it is for even well intentioned people to slip into a racist manner of thought and behavior. I'm white and have never considered myself as racist but I learned many years ago that it is all too easy to slip into racist thinking - especially if you think you are incapable of it. I laughed while viewing your website but, at the same time, it really did remind me to avoid stereotyping or trying to over compensate in an effort to "prove how non-racist" I am. Good work!
The world is full of stupid people. You pointed that out, the hate mail reiterated it.  
what is the deal with your website? If it is supposed to be funny it isn't. Some people say they think african-americans created this site, then they and the white people on it are ignorant as hell. The blacks for making it and the two whites for allowing themselves to be scrutinized and have people think they are really that stupid and borderline racist. Some blacks may see it as funny, but think how funny it will be when a white person comes up to you and says something stupid like "Sally and Johnny?" I doubt then it will be funny. I don't see in what way it "enlightens" those who read it. I doubt people actually click on the links and sit and read what they are actually talking about. Praise be to those who do, but I have a feeling that they pretty much look at the first page, laugh and browse the others. This site is the dumbest thing I've ever seen and every black person who I know who has seen it is offended. I can't believe more people aren't.  
I like the hair thing, ever since i can remember people just come up to me and touch my hair, I really did feel like i had magical powers. Sally, you can touch my hair anytime.
This is the most stupid site around. Congrats! You proved my point that most of you want to be US, our friend, our lover, or whatever will get you close enough to smell our essence. Please get lives that mean something. Why don't you use this site to get your families and friends to admit to the atrocities that you have committed or perhaps take up a collection and give it back to Black Africans!

Please get off the infamous white-boy party wagon for a minute and think about some real shit other than Blacks loving you! If you think they love you, you are stuck in the 'Massa on the plantation mentality.'

Black, Beautiful, and Not Feeling You At All!!!!!!!
Being white, I flinched at the brutal truth in several of the testimonials. Touche.  
Unfortunately, the people that this site needs to speak to are going to be those that it blows right by and either offends or evades them.  
I have not studied this site long enough to decide whether it is meant to be funny, or just thought provoking. Either way, at first glance it has supplied both extremes for me. What bothers me are the judgmental comments which were spewed throughout the "Your Letters" section. Admitting, that I have not read (nor do I have time to) all of them, those which write off this experiment in sociology as racism or stereotyping truly worry me. I think that this site, and the comments contained within can be used to better educate both whites, blacks, the Chinese guy (Nick) and anyone else willing to expand their minds and learn from new things.  
Dear Sally and Johnny,
You are obviously (color reference deleted) people, and I can't wait to tell all the (color reference deleted) people who love my sorry (color reference deleted) ass, about your website. They'll be (color reference deleted)with envy that they had not come across it first. It is once in a (color reference deleted) moon you come across a URL so purely funny. I laughed until I was (color reference deleted) in the face. It is a (color reference deleted) day knowing that the(color reference deleted) people can speak for the (color reference deleted) people on the colors that unite them.
A Corn Fed (Color Reference Deleted) Boy from Colorado.
This is the most ignorant shit that I've ever seen. You look like big assholes and your site should be shut down.  
I was sent this link and told to keep an open mind. I'm not sure how to interpret your website, but the initial connotation is to be offended as an african american. If this was not your intention, then the website is plain old stupid. But I guess not too stupid if you have african americans transmitting your link - pretty smart huh?
Violet G. Dixon
"Write your hurts in the sand and carve accomplishments in stone"
thank you for creating this absolutely HYSTERICAL web site. it is clever and smartly points out the ignorance that i see so often in my life. it's very interesting how so many people do not understand racism. they feel that it's as simple as calling someone a racist name or not hiring someone based on their race. i have so many friends who just have NO idea. they don't understand racism despite being politically correct. they equate racial sterotypes with sterotypes about being "the girl next door", completely missing the social and political differences. they have no comprehension a to how racism against people of colour and white people is different. i caused a HUGE ruckus when i circulated michael moore's article about racism and his own fear of white people.

to me, the scariest people aren't those who are blatantly racist because you can spot them. it's those who are racist and have no idea. they are unwilling to acknowledge their ignorance and unwilling to understand.
excellent job with the site.
As a white guy who looks Mexican I have to say I loved it, loved it and still loving it.  
you've left no stone unturned.
my variants would be:
"you're so pretty, you don't look black at all"
(junior high, tennessee)
"i'm colorblind"
(anything like that always makes me wanna leave the one i'm with and start a new relationship)
"what's your nationality"
(rather than ethnicity)
I think this site is perpetuating the ugly cycle of racism and stereotypes. I don’t find it funny at all, and not because I am ignorant and think that these statements are true but because reverse
discrimination doesn’t solve anything. Grouping people together and placing them under a stereotype is what created racism in the first place. A previous writer stated, “people are individuals” and by grouping all “white” people together under these stereotypes is offensive. I’m not saying the world is a perfect place and ignorance doesn’t exist but I refuse to be placed in a category because of the way I appear. I think you really need to re-evaluate what your site says, and realize it isn’t accomplishing anything.
hey johnnie, hey sally. this is the greatest website i have ever been to. tears were running down my face i was laughing so hard. glad to see open minded people still do exist. your friend from Detroit.
Pretty damned funny. Love your outfits. By the way, you cheat at Pictionary----not supposed to use letters. Call me before you bust out the Scrabble.  
I sent this to all of the white people I know that act like this. I will probably get fired for it, but who cares. Its funny you all got two "persuasions" to even participate, which shows that there are actually at least two white people that understand how ridiculous they can be trying to "understand" and participate in the brown folks culture.

Funny Story: I took a homey (white) to a Cajun spot and they served us cornbread. He promptly asked "why are you eating cake with dinner?" He claimed he has had "soul" food before...way to impress me.
Is that Illeana Douglas on the testimonials page? as the White friend who doesn't get it?
regards, Ben
I linked here from Rupaul's site (www.rupaul.com). He loved it & I do too. I'm a black woman and I also *got the joke*. Hopefully everyone else will ease up and get it too. Peace.  
Hey guys,
I see the satire and irony in your site, but feel the whole theme is really "last year". Is race still an issue? I thought as a nation, we were over that shit.
Funny guys!!... Your group effort was not only funny but had a strong message behind it!... After looking through all of it I realized you were very responsible in giving out some useful info about black history which to me makes it all the better...As for those of you who are offended... Just say so but don't keep perpetuating more hate because they chose to look at racism this way.... If you can find a better way I'd like to see it!!Don't complain unless you have a better way of educating people!!! Until then don't show your ignance!!
William Puerto Rican, New York, New York
Your site is fabulous. The letter section was very telling. We live in absolutely demented culture and you have to laugh because....well...what's the alternative?  
Interesting site. One of your letters described how offensive it is to describe a black person as "very articulate" because one would not describe a white person in such a way. I agree that there is a negative connotation to describing black people in such a way, but I certainly ascribe the characteristic to white people too. I work with some fairly powerful and influential people that are in no way articulate. When I meet someone that is truly articulate and well-spoken I take notice and may even compliment them on it. It is a rare quality regardless of one's race. Have you ever been rural Maryland? They raise inarticulate white folks like they raise soybeans--thick and plentiful.

The real reason for my letter: Is Sally single?
Washington, DC
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